Thursday, May 01, 2008

Silver thread monogram on blue jacket
Yesterday I worked in the yard and on the wash and ironing. I did redo a digitize I set up to change the size for another project. I talked to the General about how last week I seem to get so much done and this week I just couldn't seem to. This morning I did embroider two jackets already. I need to go hang out clothes and do some house work. I hope to work on some unfinished projects I have sitting here this afternoon. When the General comes home from work I need to help in the yard again. He is mowing and I am raking some to collect the grass for my compost bin. He will bag the backyard today so that will be a little easier to get the grass in the bin. We live on a hill. Our front and backyard are steep with a few flat spots. It is hard to bag our whole yard because of the steep incline while mowing.
Oops I almost forgot I wanted to tell you about supper last night. The friends who gave us the bee hive also gave us some deer and elk meat. We have never had elk. I decided the best bet would be to mix it in something to find out the taste first. I mixed one pound of ground elk with one pound of ground beef and made spag. sauce. It tasted great, no complaints. I froze the leftovers for later.
Sew Long for Now!

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ohelene said...

I love elk meat. We bought half an elk (calf) two years ago and finished all of it throughout the winter.