Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here is a picture of how to sew the seam for the intersections to meet better that I tried to explain last week. Hope the picture explains better than my words.
I began working on my mother-in-law's quilt.

I am using Warm Memories from Moda.

Each block will be different, but all from the same line.

I also am finally putting together the last 16 blocks of the cross quilt.

Today is the last day of February...they even gave me an exta day this year, but alas I did not make a clothing item. I did a lot of hand quilting, made many blocks, bought some fabric for quilts, and even some knitting. I will try again next month for the 2 denim skirts I need.

On my sewing table I have 12 more of the cross quilt blocks to put together. There are 9 more blocks to piece for my mother-in-law's quilt. The blogger BOM for February. Also, 8 blocks from my holiday club meeting I went to yesterday and material for another cross quilt. In my head I have more ideas than one person deserves. I have been inspired lately, must be the thought of spring in the air.

Sew Long for Now

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another week has flown by. We had company over the weekend and then a snow storm. It was like the perfect type of snow, here one day gone the next. I have been working alot on the hand quilting I am doing on a quilt I made years ago. I hope to finish it up soon. I also have been putting together parts of the last 16 blocks to the cross quilt. I was trying to think how to describe this's a scrappy blue quilt. I have used different blues from my stash, except for the 1/4 yard I bought about a month ago. I did learn something new recently that came in real handy. I saw on a sewing show (sorry don't remember which one) if you are piecing to put the seam going the opposite way you are sewing on top and then your joints will match better. It worked well, so well that the 256 seams I did this week all met without a lot of sweating on my part. I will try to take pictures when I do more to show what I mean. It's these little tricks that make life so much easier.

Sew Long for Now

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My second block in the Color Me Happy BOM. I need to square up those sides. I finished squaring up the 128 half square triangles. I also cut the 16 center pieces for the rest of the blocks for the blue cross quilt. I have a quilt that is more than 5 years old that I have been hand quilting on and off and I pulled it out and am trying to work on it.

On my work table is material to cut out the rest of the pieces for the remainder of blocks on the blue cross quilt, the material to start my mil's quilt, and the material for another cross quilt. My daughter ask if I would get her cross quilt done by August, at the rate the first one is taking me I will be lucky to get it done by Christmas!

I didn't get as much done the last week as I wanted, we celebrated our daughter's 17th birthday and Valentine's Day with several outings. This weekend my sister-in-law is coming so we can celebrate her birthday. February is a birthday intense month around here. Hopefully, though I will fit in some sewing time each day.

Sew Long for Now

Thursday, February 09, 2012

I have another 128 half square triangles to make. When you make that many they take a bit of time. I only have an hour or so most days to work on sewing, so I am still working on those. I am almost done. I still have my mil's quilt to start and the second cross quilt. I also haven't looked for an article of clothing pattern to make this month. Hmmm...I need to make several more skirts. If all else fails I may buy a couple of yards of denim and make me some new denim skirts. I made the two I have several years ago and I have about wore them out.

Sew Long for Now

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I finished my skirt and before January was out. It was a real simple skirt so not really a big deal. I need to look through my patterns now at the beginning of the month and find a shirt pattern and start to work on it early this month.
I was very productive this last week. I finished the new bloggers block of the month block, up to date on that one.

I also finished the eight blocks for the Holiday club and put the strip together. It was so long I took two pictures to show the whole strip.

Exciting news the grandbaby is going to be a granddaughter. Pink. Oh, the ideas, the sewing.

I still have my mother-in-law's quilt to start, my 16 more blocks for the cross quilt to do, a new piece to make for my wardrobe (which is in sad sad shape), and another cross quilt to start. I need to get working before the 13th when I have another BOM club meeting.
Sew Long for Now