Thursday, May 15, 2008

No exciting sewing pictures. I did embroidery four shirts yesterday and I took one of the pair of pants we bought for Captain Kitty at Goodwill and made them into capris for her to wear last night.

This picture was taken last Thursday when they added the rest of the parts to the hive and they checked the bees. I got a laugh yesterday about the bees. We have a jar of sugar water sitting on the landing deck of the hive. We put it there to help them out until they become established and find enough nectar. Since added the other parts to the hive the bees have really hit the water. They are working hard to fill those other supers. When the General came home from work he needed to add water. I fixed up the solution and he brought me the jar to fill. When he went to put it back on the bees were pretty mad that he made them move to put the jar back and he got chased down the hill. teehee. I just thought that was funny, I guess I shouldn't laugh.

Last night was awards night at Awana. Our little bee keeper is our last child in Awana and so I took a nap yesterday and stayed up to see him get his award for finishing his book. Next year will be his last year and he will get his Timothy award if he completes his book. I got a little teary eyed watching all those cubbies and sparks then thinking that I have gone through this for all these years and after next year my last child will be moving up into junior high. It seems so unreal, sometimes the years seem to fly by. A friend of mine had her last child, her fifth, finish Awana last night. All of hers started out as cubbies and went through at least the sixth grade. I thought about this young man as they mentioned this. In the last year I have noticed how mature and kind he has become. He has grown up so much. I was thinking how I hope that our little bee keeper will also go through this metamorphis. He's a great guy already, but I see so much need for maturity in him. Another friend wants him to go to summer camp with her son. She doesn't want her son to go this year by himself because this will be his first time. We usually make the children wait until they are older before we let them go away and spend a week without us anywhere but Grandparents. We let Captain Kitty go a few years ago, she was so much more mature at that same age than him. The General said he couldn't go. He needs to mature and start living on our planet before we felt comfortable. He just seems to be off somewhere else all the time. He never remembers if he has been somewhere. He doesn't remember the names of the children in our neighborhood he plays with. He is very bright, but his thoughts are usually on dreaming up something to build or some fantasy world he creates. These are not bad things in my opinion, but they do make you have second thoughts about letting him do certain things. My friend was not happy about our decision and insisted she would talk my husband into letting him go. I have to laugh again. She doesn't know my husband very well!

Today I am going to embroidery little emblems on the backs of those four shirts. I am also going to make two more pair of pants we bought into capris for CK. I need to work on more patches for 4-H. Off to sew!

Sew Long for Now!

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