Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday my husband called me from work with an idea. You see we live on a hill. We have for 18 years. Our front yard is all up hill then our home is on a flat spot and our back yard is up hill. It is a bear to mow. He or our oldest son do all the mowing because it is so steep. For years we have talked about what would work good on our front hill as ground cover to keep from having to mow it. We have watched our neighbors try different things like juniper. Nothing seemed to work for them. We have honeysuckle growing in our backyard wild. It has had to be cut down several times because it takes over the fences. His idea was to plant honeysuckle on the hill. He ask me to research it. The internet is a wonderful tool at times. I found information about using honeysuckle as ground cover. I found information about rooting honeysuckle. I found information about planting and then keeping honeysuckle under control. Cool! So here is some cuttings from our back yard honeysuckle that I am attempting to root and then we will plant on the front hill to see if we can get it to take. What is really nice is the price tag. Free. When we built our front porch they couldn't destroy all the concrete of the old porch and it looked messy to me under there. I wanted to get some of that crushed red brick and cover it up, but the price was not something we could pay at the time so we left it. Now a couple of years later nature solved my problem for that other great price, Free. Wild English Ivy began to grow under there. I have no idea where it came from, there is none anywhere near our home in our neighborhood. All I know is each year it spreads and now the whole area under our front deck is covered in English Ivy and looks beautiful.

Here is another thing I got for that great price, Free. One of my newspaper customers was throwing it away. It had a crack down one of the back slats. I brought it home. My husband spent $2 and some change took 5 minutes and put a metal brace on the slat. Works great and I love it. I wish I could find a couple of more for the great price. I don't want to get off on one of my soap boxes about our throw away society, so I will share what I found when going into the garden this morning...

The beans are coming up! Isn't that beautiful?

I didn't do any sewing yesterday so this morning I already have my embroidery machine sewing away beside me. I think the cloudy rainy day yesterday just left me feeling blah and I didn't motivate myself to do much. Today promises to be in the 70's and sunny!

Sew Long for Now!

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