Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a busy week.  We had a new AC and furnace installed and touched up the trim paint in the livingroom and hall.  We had a new refrigerator delivered, and my husband put new insulation in our attic.  We also went to the lake one day and did a lot of shopping.  I still tried to get in some sewing.  Above is 160 1/2 square triangles for the next cross quilt. 

I found some great fabrics to go with the fish print for my Dad's Christmas present.  I started cutting out the pieces.

I went to Memory Lane club meeting this past week.  I got the new row material, still working on last month's row though as you can see.  I have the leaves to applique and then the yoyos to make.  Hopefully, I will get that done this week, then I can get a picture of the whole long row.
Summer can sometimes throw me off schedule with all the things to do, but I keep trudging along.
Sew Long for Now

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I finished the top to my mother-in-law's Christmas present.  I am making all the tops for my Christmas presents and then I am going to machine quilt them. 
I have been working on the Memory Lane row for June.  It is very indepth.  I made 6 churn dash squares and then two more squares I appliqued flower pots on.  Then I appliqued 3 flowers in each pot and I had been working on appliqueing the vines across all 8 blocks.  I finished that and ironed on the other flowers and leaves.  So, I just need to do the applique stitching around 42 leaves and I don't know how many flowers and then make the yoyos for it.  No problem.  I need to do this by Tuesday....Let's just say that will not be the day it gets done.  The latest two rows have been so complicated.  I hope the last two are a little easier since I have so many projects going.
I have been working on my second cross quilt.  This week things happened that caused me to fall off my resolve to get back to sewing a little everyday, but I am determined to get back into my schedule.  It really helped me accomplish a lot this spring and see visible results.
Sew Long for Now

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I have been sewing for a long time and I went on my 1st shop hop this past week.  It was so fun and I learned somethings.  One is go with friends, it makes it even better.  Second save all you can for a year before you go...they have great deals.  Third is take vacation from work during the time.  I didn't make it to all 7 locations, but I did make it to 4, next year I want to go to all 7!  This shop hop was called the Dogwood Days and there was a special fabric sold exclusively by the shops just for this hop.  Each shop did an item with the fabric and you got the pattern free and then you could purchase the fabric or kits made up with the fabric for the project.  This one is an example from Sew Biz in Radford.  They also had door prizes, etc.  I got some of all twelve colors and then I got two kits.  One from my local shop in Roanoke and one from the Lynchburg shop Quilted Expressions.

I want to make one of these.  I saw these at Sew What Fabrics & Batiks in Wytheville.  What a great store with a wonderful staff.

This was their quilt for the hop.  I forgot my camera the second day and have the other two shops' items on my phone to figure out how to download them.
I have actually got some sewing done this week too.  I am on the applique part of the next row of the Memory Lane.  I put the sashing around my mother-in-law's quilt, so I did do some actual sewing.
Sew Long For Now 

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th!  It has been an interesting week to say the least.  Friday night my husband and I were outside looking at the garden when the wind picked up and it was really strong.  We heard loud cracking noises and walked around to our front yard about the time the transformer across the street blew up and we watched trees in the neighborhood bend and break.  We didn't loose power, but the next morning we lost internet, phone, and cable.  I work from home using the internet and phone.  I got an impromtu vacation which I spent trying to do a lot of sewing and housework.  I got the eight blocks done for the May Memory Lane that I was behind.  I also started the June eight.

I layed out all the row I have done so far to get a look at what the quilt is looking like so far.  I have the June row cut out and will be putting it together this week.  Two more rows after that and then I can do the sashing and put the top together.  I am liking the look so far.
I still have other things to catch up on and I will be working hard in July to get caught up.
Sew Long for Now