Monday, May 19, 2008

We live in what is called the Star City. The nickname comes from this huge star that sits atop a local mountain.

Saturday afternoon our Sunday School class had a picnic up on this mountain and I took this picture of our city from the overlook. I actually live more towards that hill in the middle of the photograph between the city and the mountains in the background.

It has been busy here the last several days. Friday the General picked up Lt Col Cool from school. His first year of college is over. He survived. Today I take him back, summer school starts tomorrow. So about six more weeks and then he will be home for about six weeks and he is going back for his second year.

We bought plants for the garden this weekend. We bought a new tiller. Then it rained and showered and rained. So the plants are not in the ground yet. I will get my herbs in today.

Right now I have to leave to take Captain Kitty to play practice. Tonight is her play. If you have time stop by her blog and read the great poem she wrote.

Our little bee keeper got his first bee stings this weekend. I was so proud of him and the way he handled it. He was adding to the water jar and blew on the bees to move them. They didn't take that well and he got about 5-10 stings. He said he learned that you don't blow on bees. I bought him the coverall part of his bee suit yesterday and the General is going for the rest tomorrow.

Sew much more, but no time so I will try to talk to you later.

Sew Long for Now!

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Patty said...

what a fantastic view !