Monday, August 09, 2010

I haven't had time to take any pictures, so here is a nice picture from Kansas. I love the flatness of it.

After my little whine I pulled myself together and got determined to do something. I make my cards (birthday, get well, etc) and I had run out so my daughter and I sat down and spent a few evenings making cards. I think I am well covered for about a year! We did decide that the end of the month we would spend one night a week making Christmas cards and that way I wouldn't be trying to finish them crazy at the last minute.

I spent some time embroidering 4 aprons for a friend and hemming a tablecloth and adding lace for another lady. I also added a border to a quilt I started last fall. It still needs another border added to make it the size I want. I also began the lovely task of ripping up one of my husband's suit jackets. He wants the sleeves shorter. It's a messy task, not in actual mess you make, but in keeping straight how it goes to get it back together right.

I also got some work done in the garden. Oh, not to forget the 5 or 6 new dishclothes I knit! So, hopefully I can keep the momentum and get some things done.

Sew Long for Now!