Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The September BOM is done!

These are two of the setting blocks to go along with it.

I found the best orange fabric to use as sashing around the blocks for my Dad's quilt.  It is actually 108 wide and for backing, but I just love the color and it matched so well.  I thought I bought enough to use with some pumpkin fabric for a wall hanging, but I think I will need to go back and get more.  I should have the sashing on and this top put together this week.
I thought I would have the last row of the Memory Lane quilt together, I had all eight blocks almost finished and when I looked I put half of each block together wrong!  I have ripped that part out and I think in the next week I can get it all put back right and finish up that row.  I also would like to get the 180 green and white blocks finished for the cross quilt in the next week.
Sometimes when I look at my list of sewing to accomplish I get overwhelmed.  I think if I can just get chunks of things done and keep steady, I will at least finish Christmas presents this year!
Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is some of the fabric I purchased to use to make my granddaughter a quilt.

Isn't is cute!

I have all 16 blocks together for my Dad's quilt.  Now to put sashing between them and that top will be finished.  I finally finished squaring up 180 blocks of the second cross quilt.  Lots more pieces to get together for that one. I have parts ready to put together the latest BOM.  Then there is a set block to do for that starting this month.  I have one more row of the Memory Lane quilt to do.  Besides all these I have three more quilts on my list.  I need to get busy to do all this!
Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I finished the BOM for August.  I did it right in time to pick up the new block for September!  Nothing like last minute here. 
I made a block for my Dad's quilt to see how it will look, now I am doing assembly line sewing of the segments for the next 15 blocks.  I really like doing this pattern.  I should probably branch out though and do something different in the future.
I still have the last row to do for the Memory Lane quilt and then put the sashing on it and put it together.  I need to work on my 2nd cross quilt.  I haven't even really looked again at the material for my granddaughter's quilt and I have a block for the quilt guild.  Oh yes, I also have a donation quilt to do for them. 
I have also been helping my daughter knit caps for children to donate to local area facilities.
Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop, got to keep mine busy!
Sew Long for Now! 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wow!  Who knew that getting your house back to rights after company and getting ready for another school year could take up so much time.  I have finally completed the 8 blocks for the July row of the Memory Lane quilt.  I hope to get the row put together today.  Then on to my other umpteen projects. 

I have one last row to do for the Memory Lane quilt and then I will put the top together.  I have a BOM to get done because the next one is coming up.  I have to keep on top of things.  I just can't leave them and let them pile up.  I am still working on the next cross quilt and my Dad's Christmas quilt.  I bought some really cute 1930's type fabric with children's print to make my granddaughter a quilt.  I have a quilt block to do my quilt guild and one of my older brother's ask for a quilt.  I really need to quit my day job to get my sewing caught up...
Sew Long for Now