Monday, May 12, 2008

It's been a busy weekend. I finished the table topper for the present. Aren't Momma's wonderful? She didn't notice any of the flaws. I finished embroidering the shirts and jacket. I also hemmed three pair of pants. Friday was the General and I's 22nd wedding anniversary. We never celebrate because two days after our third anniversary, on Mother's Day we gave birth to our first child. This year though we actually got to go out to eat together, alone. Said child, who turned 19 yesterday, was off in the woods playing survival games. Of course Saturday was spent at my parents with some of my brothers, sisters, and nieces celebrating Momma's 74th birthday and Mother's Day. Sunday I had a horrible sinus headache and went back to bed when I came home from the paper routes. I missed church and spent the rest of the day in my p.j.'s. I went back to bed early. The children were great and I got two beautiful cards and lots of attention. One card included a coupon for ten free hugs (this was from a teenager!) The other card, from my little bee wrangler, was in the shape of a honey comb. On the back it said I was the "qeen bee and sweeter than honey." Awwwww! They can be so cute and sweet. You just gotta love em!
Sew Long for Now!


Deb said...

Hi Cindi ~ Belated Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day, too! Sorry to hear you had to go to bed for your special Mother's Day. Yes, kids are the best, and yours sound like they treated you well. :)

Linda said...

You had a busy Mother's day. Your table topper looks great. Missed you at ASG!