Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This is a sweet picture of my Mom and Dad during one of her cyber knife treatments for her brain tumor the week of Thanksgiving.  She has chosen not to have chemo for her cancer.  This is one of the hardest experiences of my life and trust me I have had lots of hard things.  It is so emotional and stressful for my Mom who faces her own mortality in the next few months.  Even though she says she is at peace with that, she is still scared.  What bothers her more is the loose of her memory at times.  She is so scared of loosing her mind.  Then there is my sweet 83 year old father.  He has his own health issues and now he is caring for her and it is so very hard on him at times.  One of their big concerns is they don't want to be separated, so he struggles through the hard parts.  My youngest sister and I are trying to help them the best we can.  I live 2 hours away and she lives an 1 hour further south of me.  Once a week we drive up to spend the day and help do their shopping and what ever else they need. In between we call them and keep in contact with each other and our other siblings.  It takes a lot out of you.  I have not sewn anything in a long time.  One thing that has keep my spirits up is when I have a moment to myself I read through other sewing blogs and see all the lovely inspirational things my fellow bloggers are doing.  That is my sewing right now.  I know after the busy holiday season, even with what my Mom is going through, I will find some time to get to all those UFO's I have!

Sew Long for Now!