Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Sunday morning and I am not at church. I have sick children. I am also waiting for my oldest sister to come by with my oldest son on her way to drop him off at school. Complicated eh? LOL. Friday my oldest sister who lives in Northern Virginia came down to Lexington to visit a friend then she was headed down to Stuart to our youngest sister's oldest daughter's high school graduation. LOL, don't worry my husband says it's a Southern thing. She kindly picked up Lt Col. and dropped him off here. Then yesterday we went down to Stuart to the graduation and he stayed with his aunt and cousins for the night and today my oldest sister is kindly bringing him by to pick up his clean clothes and stuff and drop him back off at school on her way home. Makes perfect sense to me. LOL.

I haven't sewn since I embroidered those shirts Friday morning. I worked outside Friday and then went to the store. Of course Saturday I was gone all day. I did have something sewing related happen Saturday. My niece's graduation party was a combined party with her friend at her friend's grandmother's house. The grandmother has a pool. I had never met these people and so when we got there I noticed a quilting machine in her basement. I ask and found out she teaches quilting. She is such an artist! She gave me a tour of her quilts in her home. They were amazing! It was so inspiring. So I enjoyed that!

Today I may clean my sewing room. Our little bee keepers last fish died and so they cleaned out the fish aquarium and moved it to his bedroom in preparation for his getting new fish. Now, I have more space in my sewing room and I might try to get some of my stash out of the closet and find a way to see it better.

Sew Long for Now!

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