Sunday, May 30, 2010

May is drawing to a close and I am breathing a deep sigh. May is always a hard month around our house. We had four birthday celebrations; my Momma's, our oldest son's, my father-in-law, and my niece. Then of course Mother's Day and our wedding anniversary, which fell on Mother's Day this year. Add to that the final programs for some activities and the rounding out of the school year and testing for the two still being homeschooled and let's just say it is a bit overwhelming at times. I didn't do much sewing. Hemming this and that. I cut out two new skirts and they are in various stages of completion. I embroidered two shirts that got stains on them last year and have been sitting in my to-do pile to fix, and I embroidered the bag you see above for our youngest son to store some of his music for the piano in.
I am looking forward to June. Not just because there are large white spaces showing on our family calendar, but because we are going on vacation, two weeks out West visiting my in-laws. It will be a nice break from working. I doubt I will get to take my sewing machine with me, but I may try!
Sew Long For Now!

Monday, May 03, 2010

A beautiful buttercup my lovely daughter brought in a bouquet for me from our yard.

My second wee gown finished. I am also working on some more smocked ornaments. This time using ribbon. I finally was able to cut out a skirt and have it together. I just need to put in the waist band and hem it. There never seems to be enough time does there?

Sew Long for Now!