Sunday, February 24, 2008

Has it actually been over a week since I was last able to blog? February has been such a hectic strange month here. This past week I spent a lot of time on lessons, cleaning, painting, and visiting that I got hardly any sewing done. I did finish hemming and altering a dress skirt for some one. I am in the midst of altering a pair of dress pants. My biggest problem lies in the above picture. This is my mending stack. Picture middle age lady with greying hair standing on ends. LOL. Maybe this week I will get it to come down.

Sew Long for Now!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I know the flylady tells you to get dressed down to shoes that tie to start your day. When I do that some one finds a reason for me to leave the house. I needed to get some things done so I kept my p.j.'s on today. I washed three loads of laundry, mopped my kitchen floor, cleaned my bathroom mirror, cut Captain Chaos' hair, fixed a pair of pants that were ripped for some one, and have been altering a skirt and pair of pants for another person. I also finished a section of FPU (Financial Peace University), a Dave Ramsey program we are taking online. Oh how good it feels to get something accomplished!

Sew Long For Now!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So much has happened in the past week. We spent four days with out power. We had a bad wind storm on Sunday and the power went out. We used our kerosene heater and two kerosene lamps we had. The one above was my Grandma's. She used it, my parents used it, and now we use it. We camped in our livingroom. It wasn't too bad. The worse treadle sewing machine's belt is broken so with no electricity I couldn't sew. Don't worry I have been knitting and crocheting.

My husband got a bad absessed tooth. They couldn't get the infection out, it only got worse. Yesterday he had to have the tooth pulled. I have spent several days going back and forth to the dentist with him.

Today is our only daughter's 13th birthday. I now have two teenagers. I just don't feel that old. What did we do. Shopping of course. I took her to buy a new Bible she wanted. Then we told her she could not wear make-up until she was 13. She and I went shopping for make-up and a lighted mirror. I showed her how to apply it. I probably am not the best resource though, I never wear make-up. I have, but only rarely. The rest of her present will happen over the next several weeks. We are helping her paint her room and I am making her new curtains.

Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I spent yesterday's sewing time working on digitizing two designs. This is the one I sewed out. It is a patch for a 4-H club. I need to sew it on heavier material. It was fun working on this. I also digitized a design that a quilt guild will be using in the center of their ribbons that they give at quilt shows. I will sew that one out today. The other plan today is to work on some alterations I need to do and go to Alpine and get some stabilizer to use with more of those uniforms.
Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This program has been rudely interrupted by a computer crash. Last Friday we had ice and lots of power surges. On the last surge our computer dumped. We have spent hours and days getting the programs back up and running and recovering our files. I have done a lot of embroidery lately. I did a cute blanket for a baby shower. It was an adoption shower. They gave the lady a shower when the adoption was final. I finished 5 Christmas stockings last night. In February! Talk about being organized for next Christmas, if I could be so good. I have two items to digitize next, more embroidery, and some alterations. Life is good.

Sew Long for Now!