Saturday, May 30, 2015

I didn't fall off the planet, maybe down a rabbit hole or two.  Life got a bit hectic this past year following my Momma's death.  My sister and I have had to take over helping and caring for our 84 yo Dad.  I spend way too much time at various doctor's offices.  The surprising thing is for an 84 yo he is in pretty good health, but with the diabetes, cancer, heart issues to stay that way you go get tested a lot.  I don't think I got any sewing done after finishing my youngest granddaughter's quilt until January when I started this quilt for my niece's wedding.  I feel like it took forever to finish.  I finished it in April right before her wedding.  I was very happy with how it turned out.  It is made with 7 different batiks.  She was at my house on Thanksgiving and saw a quilt I started over 2 years ago and am still trying to finish and she loved the batiks in it and I thought she would enjoy those in a quilt for her wedding.
My husband and I have also been babysitting the two granddaughter's more this spring with my son and daughter-in-law's work schedule changing.  I now understand that saying about why people have children when they are young!  Although since my third grandchild is due anyday I am working on a quilt for him.  I was trying to hold off this post and put that quilt in it also, but that may take a bit longer and it's been long enough since I posted!

Sew Long for Now!