Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh my goodness I have never ripped a quilt apart so many times in my life trying to line up the pattern!

I was hoping to be completely finished with this quilt by now, but alas it will not be for a while yet.  I found a pattern that said it was an easier way to make chevrons.  It was not, and it does not even look like chevrons.  I don't mind the look, but it was not what I was striving for.

I will not ever make this pattern again, but on the plus side my niece will have a one of a kind quilt from me!

Another quilt finished by my daughter.  She gave two away made from the jelly roll race pattern and kept one for herself.

While driving home on route 11 from helping my husband's sister one Sunday a wonderful quilt shop I enjoy in Fairfield, Va just happen to be open.  My kind husband whipped right in the parking lot when I saw the open sign and then bought me this layer cake of fabric I was admiring.

And last a picture of my grandson who is 6 weeks old now.

Sew Long for Now!