Saturday, May 31, 2008

One of my herb planters

Can you believe this is the last day of May? Spring has just been rolling along. I did some sewing the last two days. I completely finished and mailed one baby pillow and embroidered the other. I hemmed a pair of pants for Captain Kitty and ripped the sleeves out of a pretty cotton button up shirt that I am going to make sleeveless for her. I need to hem the arm hole areas and the shirt will be ready.

On the garden front I replanted three hills of cucumbers. I bought seeds. We had read that seed companies are having a problem keeping up with demands this year. I didn't know what that would mean to buy seeds. In the package of cucumber seeds I bought there were only nine seeds! I was amazed. I expected more. Just enough for three hills. At least the way the General and I had been taught. We grew up being taught to plant three seeds to every hill of cucumbers. I am going to look around and see if anybody has any cucumber plants for sale. I still would like to plant more. I had eight hills planted and I think I have three left. I also planted cherry tomatoes in two planters I have. I bought a pack of lettuce seeds because I used all I have and want to replant them later in the summer as we use up what we are growing now.

Our excitement for yesterday came in the evening. When I went out to work in the gardens last evening after supper I almost stepped on a black snake. It was about two foot long. It was a small fella. Some may not understand why this was an event, but when you live in the city you don't see many snakes, well not of the animal kingdom! LOL!

Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Yesterday my husband called me from work with an idea. You see we live on a hill. We have for 18 years. Our front yard is all up hill then our home is on a flat spot and our back yard is up hill. It is a bear to mow. He or our oldest son do all the mowing because it is so steep. For years we have talked about what would work good on our front hill as ground cover to keep from having to mow it. We have watched our neighbors try different things like juniper. Nothing seemed to work for them. We have honeysuckle growing in our backyard wild. It has had to be cut down several times because it takes over the fences. His idea was to plant honeysuckle on the hill. He ask me to research it. The internet is a wonderful tool at times. I found information about using honeysuckle as ground cover. I found information about rooting honeysuckle. I found information about planting and then keeping honeysuckle under control. Cool! So here is some cuttings from our back yard honeysuckle that I am attempting to root and then we will plant on the front hill to see if we can get it to take. What is really nice is the price tag. Free. When we built our front porch they couldn't destroy all the concrete of the old porch and it looked messy to me under there. I wanted to get some of that crushed red brick and cover it up, but the price was not something we could pay at the time so we left it. Now a couple of years later nature solved my problem for that other great price, Free. Wild English Ivy began to grow under there. I have no idea where it came from, there is none anywhere near our home in our neighborhood. All I know is each year it spreads and now the whole area under our front deck is covered in English Ivy and looks beautiful.

Here is another thing I got for that great price, Free. One of my newspaper customers was throwing it away. It had a crack down one of the back slats. I brought it home. My husband spent $2 and some change took 5 minutes and put a metal brace on the slat. Works great and I love it. I wish I could find a couple of more for the great price. I don't want to get off on one of my soap boxes about our throw away society, so I will share what I found when going into the garden this morning...

The beans are coming up! Isn't that beautiful?

I didn't do any sewing yesterday so this morning I already have my embroidery machine sewing away beside me. I think the cloudy rainy day yesterday just left me feeling blah and I didn't motivate myself to do much. Today promises to be in the 70's and sunny!

Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This robin is living near us and is a very brave and forward bird. This morning I did some work in the gardens and then I sat down on the back verandah in my rocking chair and read scriptures. After I finished I sat there awhile and enjoyed watching a woodpecker going to town on a telephone pole in the corner of four yards. I was enjoying the coolness of the morning, the songs of the birds, and the next thing I know this robin was sitting there just talking to me. No, not in human words. It was just twittering away. It isn't the first encounter I have had with it in the last several weeks. It is a very brave bird. It comes very close to us. This morning it hopped around near me and then just went off on it's merry way. We haven't had many robins near our house. We usually have these two blue jays that live near and so they seem to chase others away. I don't know if this is the usual personality of robins, but it is interesting!

I did get the sewing room cleaned yesterday and the kitchen mopped. We got lessons done. I mailed my father-in-law his birthday present, went by the library, and took Captain Kitty to the orthodontist. It was a busy day, but it didn't feel too bad. Speaking of my father-in-law's birthday, we sent him a very neat present. He is 71 this year and I always have a hard time buying presents for him because he never really needs or wants anything. I took some pictures of the family I had taken since January on a cd to CVS. I used their machine and made a photo book for him. I was able to add captions also. It looks like a scrapbook, but was loads easier. I was very happy with the way it turned out. I hope he will like it.

I am going to try again today to get to some sewing I want to do done. Let's cross our fingers!

Sew Long for Now!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sometimes I mention our homeschooling here. It is not something I go on and on about. It is and has been our way of life for 13 years. I do get upset at the ignorance of some people and I do often chose things because of my convictions. I know I cannot as an American consumer avoid every thing that offends me, some that are blatant I can though. Subway will be one of those. The article here will explain why.

Sew Long for Now.

I never got the sewing room clean. One thing led to another and I got sidetracked by stuff and then the weather was gorgeous so I spent some time outside. My sister tried to show me how to do Suduko puzzles when she stopped by. I spent some time trying to figure out a puzzle. Unfortunately, it was rated hard and I didn't do very good. She told me to try Monday's puzzle. They put them in the paper and the ones on Monday are easy and they progressively get harder as the week goes on. She loves them and so does our youngest older brother. She was all excited because our paper had three in it on Sunday and I told her to take them.

Sitting outside has been so nice lately, the weather is not too hot and there has been a nice breeze. The smell of honeysuckle is every where. Oh, how I love the smell of honeysuckle and Mimosa trees.

Yesterday the General had off for the holiday and so he side tracked me all day and I got hardly anything done. I have been watering my gardens a little to keep it from drying out too much. On the upper garden I have had to cover the cucumber plants every night because the rabbits ate several of them the first night we planted them. I cut the bottom and top parts off empty 2 liter bottles and put them over the plant. They act like a sleeve to protect the small plants until they can start vining. The rabbits usually leave them alone once they start growing vines. Every morning I take these plastic sleeves off, if you don't they magnify the sun's rays and that can wilt the plant.

Maybe today I will get the sewing room clean and some sewing done. Hope so.

Sew Long for Now!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Sunday morning and I am not at church. I have sick children. I am also waiting for my oldest sister to come by with my oldest son on her way to drop him off at school. Complicated eh? LOL. Friday my oldest sister who lives in Northern Virginia came down to Lexington to visit a friend then she was headed down to Stuart to our youngest sister's oldest daughter's high school graduation. LOL, don't worry my husband says it's a Southern thing. She kindly picked up Lt Col. and dropped him off here. Then yesterday we went down to Stuart to the graduation and he stayed with his aunt and cousins for the night and today my oldest sister is kindly bringing him by to pick up his clean clothes and stuff and drop him back off at school on her way home. Makes perfect sense to me. LOL.

I haven't sewn since I embroidered those shirts Friday morning. I worked outside Friday and then went to the store. Of course Saturday I was gone all day. I did have something sewing related happen Saturday. My niece's graduation party was a combined party with her friend at her friend's grandmother's house. The grandmother has a pool. I had never met these people and so when we got there I noticed a quilting machine in her basement. I ask and found out she teaches quilting. She is such an artist! She gave me a tour of her quilts in her home. They were amazing! It was so inspiring. So I enjoyed that!

Today I may clean my sewing room. Our little bee keepers last fish died and so they cleaned out the fish aquarium and moved it to his bedroom in preparation for his getting new fish. Now, I have more space in my sewing room and I might try to get some of my stash out of the closet and find a way to see it better.

Sew Long for Now!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yesterday I had a slow start to my day. I thought I just wasn't going to get much done. I seemed to get distracted and interrupted. Finally, I did accomplish something though. I got two loads of laundry done and hung out. The wind was blowing just enough to dry them fairly quickly. I vaccumed the living room, bathroom, and kitchen floors. Lessons were completed. I embroidered 4 more patches, and worked in both gardens.

This morning I have already finished embroidering four shirts for two ladies. So, this day is starting on a better foot.

This is a picture at the upper garden looking down on the house. I live in SW Virginia. Everything is up hill! You can't see from this photo, but down on the right is the other garden. If I had my way I would plant the whole yard. I think the General would like to plant the hills so he wouldn't have to mow them!

Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We got the upper garden tilled and almost all planted yesterday. I still have two rows of beans to put in. This picture is of Captain Kitty with her feet buried in the soil. My children love to play in the dirt, even my older children. You would have thought we were having a party in our backyard this week. When we worked on the gardens we all went out and we did as much playing in the dirt as working. We all commented at one time or another how much we love the smell of fresh plowed dirt. I guess it's those German and Scottish farmer genes in our ancestory. We had as much fun together doing this as going on an outting some where!

I still haven't done any sewing since Monday. I haven't done any laundry since Monday! I haven't done any house cleaning since...since last week. I am not talking everyday tasks like making beds, washing dishes, etc. I mean the ceiling fans need dusting and the floors need mopping kind of stuff. They house is straight just needs some extra tlc. Hopefully, I will get some sewing in this afternoon. Off to hang out laundry and check the gardens.

Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Picture taken by Captain Kitty overlooking our valley

I feel like I am on that ride at the park, you know the one, that is round and has bars radiating from the center. You and several others get on it and beg your Mom to push you faster. It spins you round and round. I really never liked that ride growing up so I definitely don't like it now! I just want it to stop and get off, but who ever is doing the pushing thinks it is funny and keeps pushing me faster and faster around.

Life this past week has been a series of days of running around. I just want to hide in bed and never get up. I don't like all this running around. Everyone knows I don't. I thought today I would finally get to stay home. Noooooo. I have to take the van in to get new tires installed this morning. I have to go with the General to his swallow therapy appointment. What about my sewing? What about my laundry? What about the rest of my garden I need and want to plant? I keep telling myself that God never gives us more than we can handle. I can do all things through Christ. This is the Lord's day and let Him guide my steps.

Sew Long for Now!

Monday, May 19, 2008

We live in what is called the Star City. The nickname comes from this huge star that sits atop a local mountain.

Saturday afternoon our Sunday School class had a picnic up on this mountain and I took this picture of our city from the overlook. I actually live more towards that hill in the middle of the photograph between the city and the mountains in the background.

It has been busy here the last several days. Friday the General picked up Lt Col Cool from school. His first year of college is over. He survived. Today I take him back, summer school starts tomorrow. So about six more weeks and then he will be home for about six weeks and he is going back for his second year.

We bought plants for the garden this weekend. We bought a new tiller. Then it rained and showered and rained. So the plants are not in the ground yet. I will get my herbs in today.

Right now I have to leave to take Captain Kitty to play practice. Tonight is her play. If you have time stop by her blog and read the great poem she wrote.

Our little bee keeper got his first bee stings this weekend. I was so proud of him and the way he handled it. He was adding to the water jar and blew on the bees to move them. They didn't take that well and he got about 5-10 stings. He said he learned that you don't blow on bees. I bought him the coverall part of his bee suit yesterday and the General is going for the rest tomorrow.

Sew much more, but no time so I will try to talk to you later.

Sew Long for Now!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yesterday we were expecting rain, but the sun came out until the afternoon. I was able to hang out my dish clothes and tea towels, which I had soaked over night. Then I hurried and washed two quilts and a fleece blanket to hang out. I made two pairs of jeans into capris for Captian Kitty and I made some patches for 4-H. I had some pain in my arm so I didn't finish my embroidery. I ended up taking a nap yesterday afternoon because I forgot last night was Bernina club. Since it is every other month I have tried to go to that. I was so thankful I went last night. They covered how to use the ruffle foot. I bought one last year on sale and have never taken the time to figure it out. Now I don't have to! She showed us how to use it. She also showed us a great technique for using a tailors tack foot and putting fancy edging around two pieces of material you butt together. I have one of those feet and I don't ever remember using it so that was useful information.

Today Lt. Col. Cool comes home for a little break between the end of the school year and the beginning of summer school. I have to finish the embroidery because the shirts are being picked up today. I am not sure what else I shall do involving sewing. I have so many ideas I want to work on though. I really need to spend some time and clean up my sewing room. I have neglected it lately. We don't do lessons here on Friday because it is one of the General's days off so I might have extra time in my day, I am very tired though. Even taking a nap when you only sleep for 5 hours it catches up with you, so I will probably take a 1/2 hour nap sometime today. Tomorrow I have to stay up late again. I am not good with messing with my sleep pattern and this week has been so out of wack with the beginning of next week not promising to be better. By about next Wednesday I should be good and teary and cranky.

Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No exciting sewing pictures. I did embroidery four shirts yesterday and I took one of the pair of pants we bought for Captain Kitty at Goodwill and made them into capris for her to wear last night.

This picture was taken last Thursday when they added the rest of the parts to the hive and they checked the bees. I got a laugh yesterday about the bees. We have a jar of sugar water sitting on the landing deck of the hive. We put it there to help them out until they become established and find enough nectar. Since added the other parts to the hive the bees have really hit the water. They are working hard to fill those other supers. When the General came home from work he needed to add water. I fixed up the solution and he brought me the jar to fill. When he went to put it back on the bees were pretty mad that he made them move to put the jar back and he got chased down the hill. teehee. I just thought that was funny, I guess I shouldn't laugh.

Last night was awards night at Awana. Our little bee keeper is our last child in Awana and so I took a nap yesterday and stayed up to see him get his award for finishing his book. Next year will be his last year and he will get his Timothy award if he completes his book. I got a little teary eyed watching all those cubbies and sparks then thinking that I have gone through this for all these years and after next year my last child will be moving up into junior high. It seems so unreal, sometimes the years seem to fly by. A friend of mine had her last child, her fifth, finish Awana last night. All of hers started out as cubbies and went through at least the sixth grade. I thought about this young man as they mentioned this. In the last year I have noticed how mature and kind he has become. He has grown up so much. I was thinking how I hope that our little bee keeper will also go through this metamorphis. He's a great guy already, but I see so much need for maturity in him. Another friend wants him to go to summer camp with her son. She doesn't want her son to go this year by himself because this will be his first time. We usually make the children wait until they are older before we let them go away and spend a week without us anywhere but Grandparents. We let Captain Kitty go a few years ago, she was so much more mature at that same age than him. The General said he couldn't go. He needs to mature and start living on our planet before we felt comfortable. He just seems to be off somewhere else all the time. He never remembers if he has been somewhere. He doesn't remember the names of the children in our neighborhood he plays with. He is very bright, but his thoughts are usually on dreaming up something to build or some fantasy world he creates. These are not bad things in my opinion, but they do make you have second thoughts about letting him do certain things. My friend was not happy about our decision and insisted she would talk my husband into letting him go. I have to laugh again. She doesn't know my husband very well!

Today I am going to embroidery little emblems on the backs of those four shirts. I am also going to make two more pair of pants we bought into capris for CK. I need to work on more patches for 4-H. Off to sew!

Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I wanted to join Little Jenny Wren in her day in my life post.

My day started at 2:15 a.m. today. I got up hoping the papers would be on time, but of course they were not. I packed the General's lunch and did some reading. Finally about 3 a.m. I got the little bee keeper up because he was going to help me this morning. The papers arrived at 3:30 a.m. and we hurried as fast as we could getting them out. We did great because we finished and were home by 6:15 a.m. The little bee keeper went back to bed and I talked to the General before he left for work at 6:30 a.m.

I came on the computer to do my paper work and read e-mail and blogs next. About 8 a.m. I started laundry. At 9 I got Captain Kitty up. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed and when I saw what a bad job she did of her evening chores it didn't help my attitude. She sat down at the table to eat breakfast and read a book. I was sweeping the living room and kitchen. After I calmed myself I sat down to talk to her about her work ethic, which caused a great amount of tears. Sigh, I don't like moodiness. Finally, after getting her to calm down and talking to her about what was expected she went to get dressed and I ate my breakfast. During this time the little bee keeper got up. I got the first load of clothes on the line.

After breakfast both children began their lessons for the day and I got the second load of laundry on the line in the midst of cleaning the stove and oven. I do not care to clean the oven. It is suppose to be a self cleaning oven, but in the 17 years I have owned it that feature has never worked. Since I dislike this task I had put it off for too long and it took a while to get it clean. I don't use oven cleaner. During all this I would stop to help with lessons so that prolonged the job also. Also during this the little bee keeper took a break between studies and checked on the bee hive. Ants had decided to descend on it and he felt I needed to do something about it. I try to avoid working with the hive. I like to leave it in the hands of the General and him. At his insistance though I called the General who ask me to put some ant deterant around the hive. We don't own any protective gear yet. The General is going next week to get some, he has to drive to another city to visit the store. So I sucked in my feelings of fear and went to do the task. Of course the little bee keeper shadowed me and was flicking the ants off the hive while I put the stuff in a circle around it. The bees buzzed around me as I did this, but the little bee keeper told me to just walk calmly and not make any sudden movements. I was glad when this task was completed. A customer stopped by with four shirts for me to embroidery. The children finished up their work about 1 p.m. and I got ready and ran to the store. I hurried home because I needed to take the little bee keeper to his piano lessons. While I was at the store Captain Kitty and the little bee keeper helped me out by cleaning the bathroom. On the way to piano I stopped to pay a bill and then after piano lessons we came home and I made supper. Captain Kitty helped me bring in the laundry while supper was cooking. I made a tuna casserole, baked a sweet potato for me, and made a salad. I don't eat much meat and try to avoid pasta. While I was setting the table for supper the General arrived home with more bee hive equipment that a friend had given him. After supper I packed the General's lunch for today, the little bee keeper cleaned out the van from the haul of dirty bee hives, and Captain Kitty cleaned up the dishes. I put away the clothes from washing and by 7 p.m. I was in bed. Everyone else stays up later than I, so they all settled down to watch tv.

Sew Long for Now!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good morning, here is the hive with all the parts together. This picture was taken last week. The weather has become overcast and chilly again here. I have no sewing pictures today, because I did no sewing yesterday. I took Captain Kitty to her drama practice. While she was there I did lessons with our little bee keeper in the car. Afterwards we went to Goodwill because CK had no shorts or capris. We found some great buys. I found her 4 shirts, 3 pair of shorts, and 4 pair of pants. On the way home we stopped by the library to drop off and pick up books. When we got home she had to do her lessons and then the General was home and supper had to be fixed and the day was over. Time just seems to fly on some days. Today is our little bee keeper's piano lessons and usually the General takes him, but some one found out we started a hive and invited the General to come by after work and have his pick of his bee keeping stuff. This man is no longer keeping bees and was going to throw the stuff away. I told the General I would take him to lessons. So add that into other things I have to do today. At least I only have one customer order for sewing right now. It will all get done, if not today tomorrow, or next week. This last picture is of our little bee keeper smoking the hive last week when they put the rest of it together. He just jumps right in and does what ever needs to be done. Amazing.

The weather today is suppose to warm up. I am so glad. I don't really like hot weather, but I would prefer not jumping back and forth either. I am ready to plant my gardens.

Sew Long for Now!

Monday, May 12, 2008

It's been a busy weekend. I finished the table topper for the present. Aren't Momma's wonderful? She didn't notice any of the flaws. I finished embroidering the shirts and jacket. I also hemmed three pair of pants. Friday was the General and I's 22nd wedding anniversary. We never celebrate because two days after our third anniversary, on Mother's Day we gave birth to our first child. This year though we actually got to go out to eat together, alone. Said child, who turned 19 yesterday, was off in the woods playing survival games. Of course Saturday was spent at my parents with some of my brothers, sisters, and nieces celebrating Momma's 74th birthday and Mother's Day. Sunday I had a horrible sinus headache and went back to bed when I came home from the paper routes. I missed church and spent the rest of the day in my p.j.'s. I went back to bed early. The children were great and I got two beautiful cards and lots of attention. One card included a coupon for ten free hugs (this was from a teenager!) The other card, from my little bee wrangler, was in the shape of a honey comb. On the back it said I was the "qeen bee and sweeter than honey." Awwwww! They can be so cute and sweet. You just gotta love em!
Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I spent a lot of time yesterday working on my present. I sewed all the strips I had cut out into five sections of eight fabrics each and then I cut them into triangles. Today I have to get these triangles sewed together. I only have today and tomorrow to finish this project. I also have three shirts and a jacket to embroidery by tomorrow. I also have to go to the store, the cupboards are bare. I also promised last week to meet a friend today for a play date at the park. I also have to be home by the time the General gets off work because he and his friend will be here to put the rest of the bee hive together. I also have to pick up a cake for our oldest because his 19th birthday is Sunday and tomorrow morning he is going back to school for a week and so we will not see him on his birthday. I am calm, I can do this. Well, I can do it if God wills it. I just have to trust Him and let Him have today. The day so far hasn't been going the way I would have chose. The papers were late and then within the first fifteen minutes of starting to deliver them I developed a flat tire. I had to call the General at 4:30 a.m. this morning to come help me fix the tire. We got home in a reasonable time though for all the trouble.

Yesterday our little bee wrangler took 40 more pictures of the bees. He got quite close for some of these pictures. We don't have a telephoto lens! This is just one shot. I ask him if the bees didn't mind and he told me they didn't like it, but they let him. Sometimes I am just amazed.

Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today's post is filled with bee pictures. This first picture is of the main body of the bee hive that now sits filled with bees in our back yard. All of these pictures have been taken by our 10 year old bee keeper. He spent most of yesterday "checking" the bees. He is not afraid to get up close and personal with them as these other pictures will atest to.

He began a journal yesterday. He is going to write the temperature morning, noon, and night then write entries about the bees activities. I need to order some bee suits if he is going to keep wanting to be this close to the bees! This is becoming such a great learning project. He is practicing his penmanship and outlining also. Oh, and don't forget photography.

Besides the buzz about the bees here, (sorry I couldn't resist) I embroidered 3 shirts yesterday and cut out all the strips for the birthday/Mother's Day present. I was thinking about what I write. You know I do a lot more things in a day than I write about. I often do not include the simple tasks I do in a day. Just some of the things that stand out. I have been reading a blog of a homemaker in Tasmania and one day a month she writes everything she does in a day on her blog. I love to read it. I like to see what other homemakers do. If I were to write out what I do in a typical day what would it look like? How about yesterday?

I got up at 2:30 a.m. and got dressed. I packed my husband's lunch and copied things on the family calendar that I hadn't written. The papers were late so I got our daughter up around 3 a.m. and we left to deliver papers. We finished delivering papers at 5:45 a.m. and came home. I fixed some toast and talked to my husband until he left at 6:30. At 6:30 I came down and did my paper work, read and replied to e-mails, and read blogs until 8:00. At 8 I hung up my first load of laundry. When I came in I dusted the livingroom, opened the windows and curtains, swept the living room and kitchen. At 9 a customer came and dropped off sewing. Next I pulled out our bill file and sat down and wrote out bills. Around 10 I helped our youngest with his math, language arts, and read from The Life of St. Augustine out loud to him. At 11 I woke our daughter and hung out a second load of laundry. By then our oldest son was also up (he's home on leave from school for this week.) I made pancakes for lunch. Next I wrote out a list and gave our oldest some money so he could run to the grocery for me. After this I worked on my sewing until 3 when my husband came home. I talked to him for a while before he took our youngest to piano lessons. I went back to work in the sewing room. About 4 I stopped for the day and went to begin supper and check our daughters school work. Our daughter and I worked on supper together. She had already brought in the clothing and folded it for me. We had supper around 5. After packing my husband's lunch from supper leftovers I went outside and sat in the rocking chair while he and our youngest checked on the bees. Another customer showed up about 5:30 bringing me pants to hem. At 6:30 I popped some air popcorn and watched 1/2 hour of tv. I went to bed at 7. LOL, that's a typical day. I love my unexciting life.

Sew Long for Now!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yes, I did find material in my stash for the birthday/Mother's Day present. Yes, that was all I basically got done yesterday. Sad isn't it. Today I must do more. With that I am off to start the day!

Sew Long for Now!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Efforts for Sunday afternoon card making. I used a simple idea. I also made all the cards the same since I needed 6 thank you cards and two Mother's Day cards. Mondays are a strange day around here lately. Captain Kitty is in a play this month and for the past several months we have to be out of the house at 9:30 a.m. to get her to practice. I don't get home from our Sunday night prayer group until late. So instead of going to bed early and getting 7-8 hours of sleep I don't go to bed until later and get 4-5 hours of sleep. That makes me tired when I get home from work so I lay back down for an hour or two. When I lay back down I don't get my day started or anything done before I leave the house. Everything just gets off. Add in that today the General and I are going to Lexington to pick up Lt. Col. Cool and my day is all out of whack! I don't think I am going to get anything accomplished. Maybe I will get to go through my closet of material and find what I need to make a birthday present. My Momma's birthday is Sunday, so is Lt. Col. Cool's. Since LTC has to be back at school Friday for some trip over the weekend and his last exam is today he is coming home for a couple of days to relax and to visit. It will be hard to not have him here on his birthday. This has been a year of many hard things with him. You know these days are coming, but you try not to think of them when they are little. Days when your baby will grow up and start living a life away from you at times. I remember days when he was small and played under my feet in the kitchen as I worked and now he is off with a wave and the kitchen floor is barren of cars and trucks. I know there will be more birthdays, Mother's Days, and holidays he will not be around. It's just getting used to that idea is sometimes harder than it seems on the outside. I smile though because I want him to become a man. I spent 19 years helping him get to this point.

Sew Long for Now!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Revise that list. One baby pillow half finished. One is off to be delivered today!
Sew Long for Now!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

TADA! I just had to pop in again this afternoon. I finished my bag. Several months in the making and it is finally complete. That suede is hard to sew through when you get four or more layers of it together. It feels so good to have another UFO done. What's left on the cutting table? Two baby pillows half done, material to cut out shopping bags, hemming for Captain Chaos, and 3 shirts + 1 jacket to embroider for a customer. Oh, and the badges I can't forget the badges. I found a way to make them look the way I wanted. I will write about it later when I have them done and can show you what I finally settled on.

Sew Long for Now!

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day here and not a bit of sewing got done. I spent most of the day outside. I guess for some one who has to take a prescription for vitamin D that's a good thing. My body has stopped producing all the vitamin D it needs and the doctor has had to put me on an extremely high dose of vitamin D by prescription, will I ever be normal? Today they called for rain, but it is looking like another gorgeous day so I am off to do some more things outside. I don't know if I will get any sewing done today. The General commented last night that it was a perfect day, all of us working together around the house. He loves to have the children work with him on projects. We all like to be together.

Sew Long for Now!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Silver thread monogram on blue jacket
Yesterday I worked in the yard and on the wash and ironing. I did redo a digitize I set up to change the size for another project. I talked to the General about how last week I seem to get so much done and this week I just couldn't seem to. This morning I did embroider two jackets already. I need to go hang out clothes and do some house work. I hope to work on some unfinished projects I have sitting here this afternoon. When the General comes home from work I need to help in the yard again. He is mowing and I am raking some to collect the grass for my compost bin. He will bag the backyard today so that will be a little easier to get the grass in the bin. We live on a hill. Our front and backyard are steep with a few flat spots. It is hard to bag our whole yard because of the steep incline while mowing.
Oops I almost forgot I wanted to tell you about supper last night. The friends who gave us the bee hive also gave us some deer and elk meat. We have never had elk. I decided the best bet would be to mix it in something to find out the taste first. I mixed one pound of ground elk with one pound of ground beef and made spag. sauce. It tasted great, no complaints. I froze the leftovers for later.
Sew Long for Now!