Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I went away for a girl's weekend.
When our oldest son turned 16 he got to go on a trip to meet his favorite band. In February our daughter turned 16 and I planned a weekend away. We couldn't take her at the time of her birthday because I wanted to take her to see a play at the Sight and
Sound theater and it didn't open for the new year until this past weekend. My Momma wanted to go also, so we planned a trip for the girls. We had a nice time. Our daughter had never been to this area of Pennsylvania and so there was so many new things for her to see. We went to a farmer's market at Bird-in-Hand, we went on a buggy ride at Intercourse, we even road over to Quarryville and went shopping in the house my sister used to live in!The climax was going to see Joseph Saturday evening at the Sight and Sound theater. It was spectacular! I had seen Ruth and David before and love those, this one didn't disappoint. She loved it! We were in the fourth row center aisle, great seats! Joseph flew over our heads and the animals and actions were right beside us when they came down into the theater.

To add a little sewing in this post. This is the pattern I ordered. The quilt on the set was done in blue and white. I have been slowly working on my red quilt and then I will start on this pattern.
Sew Long for Now!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I interrupted my quilt to make curtains for a church group. Now back to piecing blocks. I had to decide on a pattern and a size, so I sketched it out on graph paper to see how many blocks I needed...more than I thought! Also, while watching an episode of Fons and Porter with my family they saw a quilt hanging in the background and went nuts over the pattern so I ordered the pattern from them. I need to get this top pieced to start on that. Everyone wants one of that pattern all in different colors!
Sew Long for Now!