Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Today's post is filled with bee pictures. This first picture is of the main body of the bee hive that now sits filled with bees in our back yard. All of these pictures have been taken by our 10 year old bee keeper. He spent most of yesterday "checking" the bees. He is not afraid to get up close and personal with them as these other pictures will atest to.

He began a journal yesterday. He is going to write the temperature morning, noon, and night then write entries about the bees activities. I need to order some bee suits if he is going to keep wanting to be this close to the bees! This is becoming such a great learning project. He is practicing his penmanship and outlining also. Oh, and don't forget photography.

Besides the buzz about the bees here, (sorry I couldn't resist) I embroidered 3 shirts yesterday and cut out all the strips for the birthday/Mother's Day present. I was thinking about what I write. You know I do a lot more things in a day than I write about. I often do not include the simple tasks I do in a day. Just some of the things that stand out. I have been reading a blog of a homemaker in Tasmania and one day a month she writes everything she does in a day on her blog. I love to read it. I like to see what other homemakers do. If I were to write out what I do in a typical day what would it look like? How about yesterday?

I got up at 2:30 a.m. and got dressed. I packed my husband's lunch and copied things on the family calendar that I hadn't written. The papers were late so I got our daughter up around 3 a.m. and we left to deliver papers. We finished delivering papers at 5:45 a.m. and came home. I fixed some toast and talked to my husband until he left at 6:30. At 6:30 I came down and did my paper work, read and replied to e-mails, and read blogs until 8:00. At 8 I hung up my first load of laundry. When I came in I dusted the livingroom, opened the windows and curtains, swept the living room and kitchen. At 9 a customer came and dropped off sewing. Next I pulled out our bill file and sat down and wrote out bills. Around 10 I helped our youngest with his math, language arts, and read from The Life of St. Augustine out loud to him. At 11 I woke our daughter and hung out a second load of laundry. By then our oldest son was also up (he's home on leave from school for this week.) I made pancakes for lunch. Next I wrote out a list and gave our oldest some money so he could run to the grocery for me. After this I worked on my sewing until 3 when my husband came home. I talked to him for a while before he took our youngest to piano lessons. I went back to work in the sewing room. About 4 I stopped for the day and went to begin supper and check our daughters school work. Our daughter and I worked on supper together. She had already brought in the clothing and folded it for me. We had supper around 5. After packing my husband's lunch from supper leftovers I went outside and sat in the rocking chair while he and our youngest checked on the bees. Another customer showed up about 5:30 bringing me pants to hem. At 6:30 I popped some air popcorn and watched 1/2 hour of tv. I went to bed at 7. LOL, that's a typical day. I love my unexciting life.

Sew Long for Now!

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