Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yesterday the youngest two and I went with several other homeschool Mom's and their children to a local nursing home and hosted a party. We usually help at this nursing home, but in another part. This time we helped with people who are not doing well. It is so bitter sweet to see people in this position.

My sister is starting a food bank where she lives and she came up yesterday to get a donation and help from our local food bank. She didn't have enough room in the vehicle they brought to get all the stuff back so she called us for help. Captain Cool helped her. It was his first time driving by his self so far from home. He did great of course. Before he left Senator Allen's office called to set up an appointment with him for an interview. Captain Cool is trying to get a nomination to the Air Force Academy next year. We are praying that if this is God's will all will work out.

The only sewing I did yesterday was to cut out and start making tissue holders. I really thought the one pictured above was cute with the snowmen's faces on it. Today I need to get more done.

Sew Long for Now!

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linda said...

I have yet to make the little tissue holders, but they sure are cute.