Tuesday, November 07, 2006

41. flannel sheets
42. the smell of snuggle fabric softner
43. a manual washer
44. an dryer
45. an alarm clock
46. a snooze button
47. an electric toothbrush
48. scrambled eggs with cheese
49. coffee for my husband
50. soft rain falling
51. the smell of rain in the Spring
52. soup in a can
53. Awana books
54. all those who came before us that paved the way to homeschool
55. curriculum that makes homeschooling easier than a decade ago
56. well written books
57. being able to order library books over the internet
58. Libraries!
59. Librarians who remember you and your children
60. Story time
61. Book stores
62. Authors
63. Publishing houses
64. Teacher's Manuals
65. Swifter sweepers
66. Teenagers maturing
67. Older siblings who willing play with their younger brother
68. Warm coats
69. Gloves
70. Umbrellas
71. soft sweaters
72. computerized sewing machines
73. embroidery software
74. embroidery designs
75. treadle sewing machines
76. rayon thread
77. embroidery floss
78. sharp hand needles
79. thimbles
80. bobbins


Anonymous said...

I am loving reading all His good gifts to you, Cindi!
To put library books on hold over the internet--YES!!!
Tell me about swiffers---do you think they work well? Any suggestions, tips? I smiled over snooze buttons and flannel sheets ~warmsmile~....
And nodded through well-written books--just read a chapter of Gombrich's Little History of the World tonight to the children--such a *well* written book for children--and Mamas ~smile~

Looking forward to reading more of His love gifts to you, Cindi...
All is grace,

Tammy said...

Loved the one about being thankful for ordering books over the internet.In line with that I am thankful for self check out at the library-lines are much faster and shorter.