Saturday, November 11, 2006

This morning I got up at 6 a.m. to fix the Generals lunch and sit with him for a few minutes before he went off to work. It dawned on me that I had a baby shower to attend today. I had no present! The baby is going to be a boy. There were twins, but one passed away early in her pregnancy. She had talked to me about making a bumper pad and such for the room. She wanted it in John Deere fabric. She then found one on ebay already made. I decided that since I knew they liked John Deere and I had some fabric to make her a pair of booties using the tutorial over at Stardustshoes. They came out so cute! It took me about 1 hour to make these.

Later I took Captain Chaos over a friends to spend the day. Captain Kitty and I went shopping and then out to lunch. We had a great time. We found some great deals on clothes for her. I also found a cute baby hat and mittens to match at Target. I also added an ornament that says "baby's first Christmas 2006."

Off to the shower. Sew Long for Now!


jojo* said...

Hee hee! Those are too fun! You're the first person I know of that has actually used the tutorial. I'm so glad it worked for you. Have a great weekend!

deb said...

Neato shoes! And how talented to be able to whip up a present in an hour! You're too much! :)

linda said...

Those are so cute and perfect since they go with her bumper! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindi!
absolutely love the shoes! my mom went to thrift stores and bought soft leather coats and made little shoes like that for Shalom (18 mos) and Kai (4 yo)--they LIVE in their shoes... and the leather shoes very little wear at all. and they DON'T come off!
What a PERFECT gift. Thank you for the tutorial link. I printed it out for my mom!

Always blessed by Cindi!
Ann V.

jona said...

I just found your blog! Such fun! I used the same pattern two days ago and made some shoes for my little one. They turned out SO cute and took about 45 minutes!