Monday, November 06, 2006

What a busy weekend! I finally got around to cleaning the sewing room. It was quite a mess after all the sewing frenzy. The children participated in the Awana Derby. They didn't win any awards, but it was fun. I think the best part was their oldest brother spent the time helping them design and paint their cars. He will be leaving to go to college next year and times like they spent working on this will be memories they will cherish. We had family movie night Saturday. Sunday morning Captain Cool helped in Captain Kitty's Sunday School class. Then Captain Kitty helped in children's church. Captain Chaos went over to a friend's house after church. Sunday afternoon Captain Cool had his PT test for the AFA. Next thing I knew Captain Kitty was going over a friend's house. When the General got home from work he was tired and lay down for a while before he went to church. Finally, about 7:30 everyone found their way home and we had supper!

This morning Captain Kitty and I finally found time and cut out our outfits for our Salvation Army dolls. We have been doing school work and house work also. I have some business sewing to work on later so it will be tomorrow before we begin to put them together. I included a picture of the materials we are using above.

Off to do Language Arts.
Sew Long for Now!

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So how did the show go???