Monday, November 13, 2006

241. Sherando Lake
242. Lazy summer days spent at the lake
243. building sand castles
244. walks in the woods
245. hikes up Humpback
246. riding the bus up Peaks of Otter
247. riding down the Blue Ridge Parkway
248. sitting in the shade of a big tree
249. overlooks with gorgeous views of the Shenandoah Valley
250. going to the pool
251. going on a picnic to the mountains
252. hiking up Dragontooth
253. going to the range with your husband
254. hiking DOWN Crabtree Falls
255. taking the children to the Fish hatchery
256. riding down country roads
257. riding in the car with the windows down
258. trips to the Grandparents farm
259. trips to the Grandparents in Kansas
260. clean rest stop bathrooms
261. fields of wheat waving in the wind
262. farm land for as far as the eye can see
263. museums
264. historical landmarks
265. ancestors who had to courage to come to an unknown place
266. hymns
267. Sunday School teachers
268. Sunday morning fellowship with other believers
269. Sermons that move you
270. Missionaries
271. people who volunteer in the nursery
272. Greeters
273. nice seats to set in in church
274. Sunday naps
275. Sunday comics
276. coupons in the Sunday paper
277. testimonies of believers
278. caterers
279. birthdays
280. cakes
281. presents
282. Christmas
283. Advent
284. bikes to ride
285. gardens
286. home grown tomatoes
287. fresh picked green beans
288. home grown cucumbers
289. freezers to store food in
290. book sales
291. snow
292. sleds
293. shovels
294. building snowmen
295. bare trees standing still in winter
296. the promise of buds on trees in the spring
297. football games
298. soccer games
299. baseball games
300. basketball games
301. blogs
302. journals to write in
303. spiral bound cookbooks
304. zoos
305. walking in the sand along the shore
306. horses to ride
307. riding the waves in the ocean
308. a new Easter outfit
309. sun rise service on Easter morning
310. turkey on Thanksgiving
311. Ham on Easter
312. traditions
313. Civil Air Patrol
314. Community Colleges
315. Colleges and Universities
316. Beauticians
317. Locks of Love
318. planes to fly across the country to visit relatives
319. a faithful pet
320. rowboats

1 comment:

deb said...

I think I would add:

#245(a) - a good book to read in the car while everyone else hiked up Humpback! LOL!

And I'll have to check out Dragontooth to see if it's around here. The rest of the family is always looking for a new place to hike.

Enjoyed your list!