Wednesday, November 15, 2006

361. quiet of the house before anyone else rises
362. quiet of the house after everyone else has gone to bed
363. beautiful pinks in sunrises
364. beautiful oranges in sunsets
365. sun rising over the ocean
366. snow falling on the beach
367. double rainbows
368. God's promises
369. Our country's flag
370. Star Sprangled banner
371. a child hugging an old man in a wheelchair
372. making crafts with nursing home patients
373. a sister who loves Jesus so much she wants to serve others
374. A grandfather who will drop everything to help his grandson
375. a phone nearby just in case while your 17 year old drives 100 miles away on his own
376. fellowship with other women who have similar goals for their families
377. creative people who share their ideas
378. safe interstates to drive on
379. State Police officers
380. Fire fighters
381. Paramedics
382. police officers
383. sheriffs
384. soft green grass
385. sweet juicy oranges
386. high school marching bands
387. symphonies
388. ballet dancers
389. Christmas music
390. The Nutcracker ballet
391. Scrooge
392. a local church who puts on Scrooge every year free of charge and takes a love offering instead to support local agency that helps people in trouble
393. The Rescue Mission
394. Goodwill
395. Samaritan Inn
396. Habitat for Humanity
397. RAM House
398. small girls twirling battons in parades
399. fireworks
400. fishing with your Dad

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