Monday, November 06, 2006

My good friend Ann over at Holy Experience has invited us to join in making a list of a thousand blessings. I would like to attempt this. I have been blessed so much by God that I would like to put some of them in writing.
1. A Savior
2. Grace
3. Forgiveness
4. A patient loving husband
5. children
6. A house to call home
7. a church family
8. great friends here
9. great friends over the internet
10. a husband who works hard and unselfishly for his family
11. A Bible to read
12. heat on a chilly fall morning
13. freedom
14. priviledge of voting
15. mail in my mailbox
16. e-mail in my in box
17. choices
18. sight
19. hearing
20. tasting!
21. feeling (physical)
22. feeling (emotional)
23. hot running indoor water
24. being able to read
25. being able to write
26. being able to walk
27. sister's who listen
28. food enough to feed the family
29. clean water to drink
30. clothes to wear
31. a voice to praise God
32. ability to sew
33. the soft feel of fleece
34. time to sit and talk to a friend
35. being able to knit
36. warm hand knit socks
37. colors!
38. the smell of new babies
39. the laughter of little children
40. a computer

Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

1. A Savior
2. Grace
3. Forgiveness

Your first three, Cindi... made me well up with tears. It is the essence of it all, no? Grace, forgiveness and a Cross.

I look forward to reading more of your list, dear friend...

Much love...
All is grace,

linda said...

Amen, Cindi. So many of our basic needs are taken care of in the blessed country of ours. We are so blessed if we can warm out homes at the flip of a switch! Beautiful list.

Grafted Branch said...

Hi! Just surfing through from the Mr. Linky. #33...isn't fleece made of recycled aluminum cans? How do they DO that?!

I love the sound of laughing children and the smell of (clean) babies too.

Keep thanking -- 1000 is not going to be easy, is it?