Tuesday, November 21, 2006

521. a new beginning each morning
522. being able to get out of bed
523. having a comfortable bed
524. the feel of cool rich dirt between my toes when I am gardening
525. my husband wrapping his arms around me for no reason except he loves me
526. a good sappy movie and crying while watching it
527. a good sappy book and crying while you read it
528. devotional books to help you
529. reading out loud to my children
530. laminating paper
532. bulletin boards
533. duct tape
534. patterns
535. grandfathers who care and call often
536. sharing a laugh with your mother
537. stories of family from the past
538. diaries and journals
539. electric candles in the windows of houses on dark nights, so beautiful
540. Christmas trees all lit up
541. a dated ornament for each year of our married life
542. decorating the Christmas tree and sharing the stories behind each ornament with the children
543. Pumpkin pie with whip cream
544. apple pie with vanilla ice cream
545. Beyers all natural vanilla ice cream
546. sweet potato pie
547. cd's to listen to
548. houses decorated with Christmas lights
549. going to see the same Christmas decorations each year as a family
550. traditions
551. dentists
552. a warm winter coat
553. friends who bring you a meal when you are sick
554. being able to bring a friend a meal when they are in need
555. a kind word
556. blowing bubbles
557. laying in the grass watching clouds float by and talking about what they look like
558. making snow angels
559. making ice cream at home
560. going out to get ice cream at the parlor

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