Friday, November 17, 2006

481. twin calves playing in a field
482. watching a newborn colt try to stand
483. the softness of a horses nose nuzzling your hand
484. a kitten purring against your ear
485. watching a bird soar in the air
486. bright stars in a dark chilly sky
487. sticking you feet in chilly creek on a hot summer day
488. the sound of water flowing down a creek, bubbling over rocks
489. the sound of crickets at sunset
490. a pot of petunias blooming on the front porch
491. making cookies with your children
492. a radio station that plays Christmas music 24 hours a day starting the week of Thanksgiving
493. A good sale
494. childhood memories of riding in the back of a pickup truck
495. bagels with cream cheese
496. people who still wave when you pass
497. being able to renew your car tags over the internet instead of waiting in line at the DMV
498. sledding down a big hill
499. hot cocoa when you come in from the cold
500. book shelves
501. Godly parents
502. Rocky Mountains
503. guardian angels
504. chairs that roll
505. soft baby chicks
506. The Good Shepherd
507. Advent Calendars
508. the warmth of candle light in a dark room
509. the wind billowing the sails of a tall ship
510. baby's breath in a flower arrangement
511. a good laugh
512. bikes for boys to ride
513. children swinging high in a swing
514. watching the fish being fed at an aquarium
515. carriage rides
515. jingle bells
516. kites flying high in a cloudless blue sky
517. sitting under an umbrella on the beach
518. wrapping paper
519. tape
520. bows and ribbons

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