Wednesday, November 22, 2006

561. Suffering in my life that God has used to make me grow more
562. Reminders of what Jesus did for me
563. My insignificance in the universe
564. My significance in God
565. People God uses in my life
566. Words that spark a memory
567. Time
568. Long johns for the boys to keep them warm when they work outside
569. Boots to keep our feet dry
570. My oldest son fixing supper last night for me
571. My daughter cleaning up after supper last night
572. My youngest son cleaning up his room when he was ask the first time
573. My husband going to the store so I wouldn't have to for the second time that day
574. Rugs to walk on when the floor is cold
575. Traditions that help our family to remember the significant things in our lives
576. Turkey roasting bags
577. That jellied cranberry stuff in cans
578. Hearing the birds chirping in the early morning hours
579. Krogers doubling coupons
580. A night out with other stay at home Christian women
581. Vinegar
582. Baking soda
583. My kitchenaid mixer
584. People who are willing to step out and stand up for what is right
585. The Truth
586. Knee high hose
587. Being loved for who I am, not what I look like
588. Faith
589. Home made cookies
590. Home baked bread
591. Warm rolls with butter melting on them
592. Better yet, warm biscuits with butter melting on them and a slice of home grown tomato
593. spellcheck
594. Money that still has "In God We Trust" on it
595. The Pledge of Allegiance
596. Vacation Bible School
597. Summer camp
598. Tennis
599. See saws
600. Walking in the spring rain with an umbrella

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