Sunday, June 29, 2008

The past two days have been full. I have stayed busy and gotten in some sewing. I have been working on my project. It seems that I only get to work on it for small sections of time so it is not quite finished yet. It has proceeded smoothly though. I finished the machine quilting and put the sides together. I attached pockets and now am at the zipper.

The gardens look good. I have blossoms on my beans, small tomatoes and cucumbers on the vine, even okra starting. My spinach never came up. When we finish pulling the radishes we are going to replow that area and sow some more bed lettuce.

Friday morning the boys went in the bee hive. They are still trying to locate the queen when they check the hive. They find larva, but she seems to evade their eyes when they look for her. The bees are busy. It has been very hot here and the hive is on a hill with no trees around it, so no shade. When it gets really hot in the afternoons the bees can be seen all in swarms sitting on the front of the hive. It is too hot in the hive to do any work. The General put up a shelter with a tarp over the hive to give them shade. Since Friday morning when he did that it has been in the 90's and the bees have been busy all afternoon Friday and Saturday instead of sitting on the front of the hive in large groups.

Last night I made a dessert I found at Chas's blog called brown sugar cinnamon focaccia bread. It was easy and totally delicious! Thanks so much Chas for the recipe!

Sew Long for Now!

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