Monday, June 09, 2008

Boy has it been busy around here. Lots of errands and outside work. We also went out of town Saturday and I ended up going out of town Sunday with the children. I am so behind on household tasks and sewing.

Thursday evening the General and little bee keeper opened up the hive for the first time by themselves and checked on the top frames. Not much was happening. On Friday the General's friend who is helping him learn this stuff came by and showed them how to take all the supers off and look down through them. They found brood in the main hive body. The queen is on this frame. They wanted to check on her and she is busy doing her thing. One thing they did notice was that we were given both wooden and plastic frames. The bees like the wooden frames better. They have not done as much work on the plastic frames. One day this week they are going to build wooden frames and replace all the plastic ones in the hive.

Saturday we went to Lt. Col.'s girlfriend's graduation in another county. We went to her folks house afterwards for a graduation party. It was mostly family and some friends. It was nice and laid back. I found out while there that she and Lt. Col. were singing a duet in church Sunday morning. While he is at college he attends church in that town and that is where he met this young lady. The General and I decided on the way home that it would be a nice surprise if I went up there Sunday morning to hear them. I called him when I got to the parking lot and he still didn't know I was there. Finally, I ask if he saved me a seat. He was surprised to find me standing there! He was really happy also. They sang beautifully. It was a Casting Crowns song off their new album, I think it is called East to West. Two more weeks and summer school will be over. Lt. Col. will then be home for a little while before heading back to college in August.

I cut out a matching table runner and three curtains for a customer last week that I need to get sewn up today. I also have lots of shirts to embroidery.

Sew Long for Now!


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

They like wood better than plastic! What *perfect* taste those bees have!

Of course; they make honey, after all! ~grin~

I send love, Cindi...

Anonymous said...

How sweet that they sang together and that you could be there to hear! He sounds like a neat young man. I always dreamed of singing with my future husband when I was that age, but it turns out my hubby plays guitar so I've sung with him playing which is just as good. :o) We have our plans, but God has his, right?

That skunk is pretty cute, but I sure hope you get him taken care of!