Saturday, June 14, 2008

Today is the 14th and so I am participating in another day in my life with Jenny Wren and Co.

This morning I got up at 2:30 a.m. and our little bee keeper and I deliver papers. It was a nice morning. The temperature was not too hot so it was pleasant to deliver. We got home about 6:15 a.m. I was really tired for some reason so I decided since it was Saturday I could go back to bed and get a nap. I went back to bed until 8:30.

When I got back up I went out to check the gardens and water them. I decided not to weed today because I have them caught up pretty good. Everything is looking good. The General and I sat on the back verenda awhile and watched the bees. The temperatures have been so hot and this morning was not as hot with a nice breeze blowing. I called my Momma and talked to her awhile when I was sitting outside. The General was getting hungry so I came in to make breakfast.

We had egg burritos for breakfast. I made them with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and added grated cheese. After breakfast the customer brought me back the 12 shirts. She wanted the initial of the company embroidered on the middle of the back one inch below the collar. I went down to the sewing room to work on this while the General, Captain Kitty, and the little bee keeper went outside and cleaned the verenda and the basement stairwell. Below is a picture of the smallest hoop I own. I used this to embroider the initials on the shirts. I very rarely use this hoop because of it's size so it was fun to get to use it today.

We all finished up around the same time. I started a load of whites. The General and I next worked on our budget. We made a spreadsheet and worked on numbers and while doing this it started to rain! Yes, I was so happy to have rain. God watered my garden instead of me having to do it this evening. A friend called and his son was locked out of their house a couple of blocks away and he ask the General to let him in, but we couldn't find our copy of his house key so the General went and picked him up. Not long after the General got back the friend showed up and they went to have a chat so I went on line to read e-mail and blogs.

After our friend left I cooked supper. We had hamburgers, beans, salad, and fried ocra. The General came to help me with the hamburgers and ocra and I started making muffins because I have to help bring breakfast for Sunday School in the morning. We had supper and I packed the General's lunch for tomorrow, set up his coffee, and finished making muffins. I made 12 lemon seed poppy, 12 mixed berry, and 12 blueberry. The blueberry are for dessert here tonight. I laid out some frozen zucchini and thought I might make a batch of zucchini bread in the morning also. Captain Kitty put the laundry in the dryer. Whites are the only load I dry each week. I don't like my neighbors seeing all our unmentionables hanging on the line. Since she will be cleaning up the kitchen I came down to post this and then I am off to bed. It's a little later than usual, but since I had an extra nap today hopefully I will not be so tired in the morning. Sunday papers are a lot of work.

Here is a picture of Captain Kitty's cat Orion asleep on our bed. This is the life and how I would like to spend my days! I think I would like to spend my days like this, but I really know it would drive me crazy to lay around all day! He looks so comfortable though!

Sew Long for Now!

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