Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Yesterday was such a great day. I worked in the garden, hung out clothes, spent time with my family, and got in sewing. I love days like that. I didn't have to leave the house after I worked in the morning and so everything went smoothly. I finished the hand work on the bag. I made a needlebook. I also made up some more napkins out of the homespun you see here.

This is a close up of how I finished the napkins. I did a rolled hem on the serger using wooly nylon in the lower looper. I used yellow wooly nylon and navy blue thread in the needle and upper looper. I love the way this looks. We never seem to have enough cloth napkins. I stopped buying paper napkins and paper towels a while ago. I have some pink, green, and yellow plaid that I bought around Easter and have never used; I may make some more napkins out of. When the napkins get worn and stained beyond repair I use them as dusting and cleaning rags. By then they have had so many washings they are soft and the homespun fabric seems to be nice and lint free. To wash windows and such I used newspapers. I get mine free for delivering them.

I had a customer stop by yesterday with some shirts to embroider, so I will have to get that done next.

Sew Long for Now!

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