Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our eldest and two of his friends went hiking up Dragon's Tooth yesterday and this is a picture he took from the trip. I love the mountains where we live. I have always lived near these mountains, either in this valley or in the Shenandoah Valley north of here. The mountains played a big part in my growing up years and I have a love for them.

I finished embroidering the four shirts that ended up being five over the weekend. I digitized a design for a customer and that was about it on the sewing front. I still have these hankies to embroidery and a laundry bag to monogram. I have loads of ideas twittering around in my mind of things I would like to work on. First I need to get through school planning for the next year.

This is a bloom on one of our okra plants. Don't you just love the blooms of okra? They are so lovely. Last night I fried up some for the General. The little bee keeper picked a mess of green beans this morning and ask me to fix them with supper tonight. So I will snap those and cook them this afternoon. Oh, we have had three tomatoes off the vines! When I got the first one yesterday I came and made biscuits for breakfast. Oh, the taste of home grown tomatoes.

Sew Long for Now!

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Lynn said...

It is actually amazing to me just how pretty okra blooms are!

The mountain view is lovely. I feel like I could live in the mountains.