Thursday, July 17, 2008

I sewed out the embroidery pattern I digitized yesterday twice. It stills needs a little tweeking. I fittled with it and then saved it. Today I am going to sew it out again.

I was so happy to get the bottom two gardens caught up on weeding yesterday. I was going to work on the top one, but I had a horrible headache this morning and when I came home from the paper route I took some sudafed and went back to bed. If I don't get to it today (it's suppose to be really hot) I will work on it tomorrow. I will need to be picking beans again anyway.

My parents stopped by yesterday. I didn't know they were coming. They made a trip down south of here to pick up something and came by on their way home. Today is my Daddy's 78th birthday. My sisters and I went together and bought him a Garmin. He was so thrilled. Men love toys! He put in his home address when he left to listen to it and see how it told him to go home. I was laughing because it's not like he hasn't driven from my house to his hundreds of times.

Sew Long for Now!

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Lynn said...

Cindi, sorry to hear about your headache. I hope it's all better.

You had quite a day Tuesday! I had a chance to catch up on my blog reading today and I enjoyed reading about your day. All I can say is "whew." :) You do a lot!

The beans look so good! I wish we had some here, but none yet. We got a very late start with the vegetables this year. We'll see. Maybe I'll get one or two good pickings.