Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunlight reflecting off the water at the lake.

I reflect today also as I read,

"I would encourage every family to live within their means. If there be a way-and such a way there certainly is-of living as comfortably and happily, on very small means, as we now do on much larger ones, it is certainly desirable to know it, especially in times like the present. 'But suppose the means are very small, what then?' Why, then, live within very small means."

William A. Alcott, Ways of Living on Small Means, 1837

"No one will deny the importance of urging rich and poor alike, in the present state of things to try and economise the fuel and food which they may have at their disposal. The sooner we make up our minds that what we regretfully speak of as the 'good old times' with their good old prices will never come again, the sooner we shall cease to look fondly back on a cheaper past, and brace ourselves helpfully and bravely to face the increased cost of the necessaries of life."

Lady Barker, First Lessons in the Principles of Cooking, 1886

Sew Long for Now!


Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking, Cindi. Especially with our finances being what they currently are. Thanks for sharing.


Lynn said...

Cindy, I noticed you have a link to my blog in your blog roll. Thank you! :) I'm adding you to my blog roll.

I am happy to find your blog again. I love your little saying about Adventures in Sewing with Life on the Side!

I really like what you've written about living on small means. It is something I struggle with especially lately, with my children getting older and clothes getting more expensive. And gas prices. And food! It's a daily endeavor to keep it small.