Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My day started at 2:30 a.m. when the alarm went off. I called to see if the papers were at the distribution center. They never arrive at the same time every morning so I have to call until I hear they have departed. This morning they were early and so I got dressed and got the the little bee keeper up, it was his turn to help me.

The paper route went pretty smoothly except during the last part the van started to make a strange noise. I was praying it wouldn't break down until I finished. I really didn't want to call the General this early since he had to work today. It didn't and we made it home before 6 a.m. The General drove the van to work to see if he could figure out what the problem was.

I decided to take an hour nap after he left for work. When I got back up I got up Captain Kitty because she had an appointment to get labs drawn. I made the bed and folded a load of laundry while another load washed and CK got ready. I had to get LBK back up before I left.

The visit to the doctors office was only suppose to take a few minutes to have some blood drawn. Of course with CK nothing is never works out that way. They couldn't find a vein. The first tech tried in the crease of her arm and dug around a little and gave up. She put us back in the waiting room until another tech showed up. He tried in the top of her arm and couldn't get it. Finally, he tried in her wrist and was able to get her blood. She was in tears by now. We left and I took her to Sonic and got her a shake. She deserved a treat for being a human pin cushion!

When we got home I hung out clothes. The oldest son was back from running with a friend. I had some calls to make and the General called me about the van. The idler puller needed replacing. He wanted me to check around and find one. So the oldest and I went online and found the part. The oldest went off to pick it up for me. I worked on making some calls and read some e-mail while I did that. Afterwards I hung out the rest of the clothes.

While I was doing those things LBK had picked a mess of beans in the garden and CK had cleaned the living room. I had to show her some things she missed and how to do a couple of tasks. After that we got lunch and started lessons. We read scripture and history first. Then while LBK practiced his piano I did Latin with CK. She had practiced her violin earlier. She did English while LBK did Math. I got the beans ready to cook while they both worked. LBK did English and that was it for today. We are only trying to finish last years school work right now. We would like to start with a new slate in August. By this time the General was home from work. I talked to him a few minutes while crocheting some on my shawl and then went to work on some sewing.

I am working on digitzing a design for some one so for an hour I worked on that. Then it was off to make supper. I had brought in one load of clothes earlier and there was still one on the line. While I put together supper CK brought those in. I had the green beans ready and I made Macaroni and Cheese to go with them. During supper the General's Dad called from Kansas and we talked to him a little bit. By this time I was really tired. I got ready for bed while everyone else cleaned up from supper. I went to bed at 6:30 p.m. The children each came to say good night and then the General. I wasn't feeling too good so he stayed with me until I fell asleep.

Sew Long for Now!


A happy heart at home said...

You had a busy day! I hope you're feeling better now.


Cindi said...

Thanks Susan, it was just exhaustion. Some nights I find it hard to sleep and when that happens the next day I get really really tired and end up not feeling well at the end of the day.