Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday our bee hive was delivered. The General is so excited. He refers to himself as becoming a bee wrangler. LOL. It's nice to see him excited about this. I took Captain Chaos, who has not been so chaotic this week, to the doctor yesterday and he has strep. I found time to embroider four more shirts and hang out two loads of clothes. This morning I have already embroidered four more shirts. Captain Kitty has a violin recital tomorrow so I am trying to get caught up on things. I am hoping the General will mow this weekend so I can rake the yard and put some of the clippings in my compost bin. Yesterday I took the kitchen bucket up and emptied it. I ripped up some newspaper and mixed it in. We were going to put the garden in this weekend even though our area still has chance of frost until May 10, but with extra music lessons today and recital tomorrow we are going to wait until next weekend. We usually buy most of our plants already started so it shouldn't hamper growing season too much.

Sew Long for Now!

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rhonda jean said...

Bees! How exciting. Thanks for sharing your life story with us Cindi. I enjoyed it very much.

Rhonda Jean