Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An embroidery I digitized and completed for a customer. I have been getting some sewing work done. Brrrr, it has gotten chilly again. I prefer 70 degrees and sunny!

Usually when I go to the grocery store I buy a lot of groceries at one time. Yesterday while Captain Kitty was at drama practice I dropped into a Krogers near where I was and picked up two items. One of those being six Roma tomatoes. I had a lot of change and had figured in my head approximately how much it would cost. One item was 69 cents and then 1 1/2 lbs of Romas at 1.79 a pound. I figured around $4. I had that much change. When the cashier finished ringing me up he said $7 and something. I did a double take. He ask if I had a Kroger card and I had forgot to give it to him so I handed it to him and he swiped it, but it didn't change my cost. I told him it was wrong. I said those Romas were 1.79 per pound. He told me I hadn't bought Romas I had bought vine ripe tomatoes the sticker said so. I being a some what knowledgable gardener laughed. I told him no they were Romas (different shape you know.) He (being about 18 and not seeming to know his tomatoes) told me I was wrong. I told him if I was wrong I didn't want those tomatoes. I spotted the produce manager and ask the cashier to double check with him. He took my bag of tomatoes over and spent a few minutes arguing with the produce manager. Like the produce manager nor myself knew what we were talking about, the sticker was the final say! It seems the produce manager won the debate and the guy had to come back over and change my price in the register. There is a moral to this, not just to show my knowledge of tomatoes. Always check your receipt when you go to the store. I buy lots of produce and it makes me wonder how many times I have been missed charged. One time I spent a long time in line because I bought zucchini and the young man (another young guy cashier) couldn't figure out what code to put in. He kept asking me what they were. He didn't know and he couldn't find zucchini on his list. I suggested he look under squash. Sure enough they were listed under squash-zucchini. It also makes me a little sad that young people don't know vegetables. Maybe it's just here, I do live in a sort of large city.

Sew Long for Now!

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Patty said...

sounds like those young ones are not eating veggies at home so they know what is what.