Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This first picture is to make you smile. This is on my husband's table saw on our back porch. When I walked by it the other day all I could think was this is a man's version of a table center piece! Isn't it cute.
Here at Castle Verde I love green, inside and out. Most people know that almost every room in our home is a shade of green. Yesterday, as we were out and about, I breathed in the nice spring air and looking around noticed how green it was suddenly getting. The leaves are starting to appear. The air is at just that right stage at this time of year that the sky is that gorgeous shade of blue. This is a tree in our backyard. Isn't the sky lovely, isn't the tree beautiful!
This morning as I hung out laundry (with my gloves on because it got cold last night!) I was looking at the grass and noticing it turning green. I saw the sunshine and shadows from the line and thought what a beautiful scene. It's warmed up now. The day is progressing nice. I am getting housework done, lessons with the children are moving right along, my sewing machine is humming away beside me. Oh, it makes me joyful and thankful when I get to do the things I love. I am finishing up the aprons today. Next up is putting a new zipper in a prom dress for a young lady.

Sew Long for Now!

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Anonymous said...

The shadows on the green grass would make me smile, too! Things are warming up here also. We went to HD and got the stuff to make a raised bed garden in the back yard. A few homeschool kids will be here tomorrow and I figured we could all go to work getting it done. :o) I think looking at the garden (if anything grows in it) will make me smile. :o)