Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures of our bees. They have been put in the hive and the queen has been added. We heard they are taking to it well. They will be here soon.

This is our queen being added.

Showing our bees working building honeycombs on our supers.

This is a picture of the bees before being added.

Captain Chaos has really gotten into this idea. He is getting excited to see the bees. I checked books out of the library on beekeeping and he is devouring them. He keeps telling me what he is learning. I love to see a child so interested in a subject. Especially this child who sometimes tends to live in a fantasy world of Star Wars and Bionicles. To see him take to this real life adventure makes my heart soar. Now this is what makes homeschooling so great, I can give him the time and space to develop this love. He can study bees to his hearts content and doesn't have to be stopped because they are not on the SOL's. He can learn the history of beekeeping and not get behind in a mandated history curricula. He can learn about a bee's anatomy and that their sense of smell is located near their stinger, their heart is shapped like little hot dogs put together where most things spines are and not worry he has science he hasn't done. He can write a paper on anything about bees he wants and it will count for his English. Do you get the feeling I love hands on learning. My greatest dream of homeschooling would be to study history by being able to visit all the historic spots in the world as we do it...sigh. I would love to go to Rome to study the Roman Empire, travel the Oregon Trail to study the history of pioneers moving west, or visit the battle fields of Europe to study World War II. Wouldn't that be the ultimate learning?

Sew Long for Now!


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Deb said...

Cindi ~ I have the same feelings as you about traveling when you study about an area. I think that's why I loved doing every field trip that came along and even now love to take pictures and document every place we go. It's exciting and educational, and sometimes I forget that the kids are all done with schooling! LOL! Your bees look interesting, altho I'm quite allergic to their stings so I couldn't get close.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! And I agree with you on homeschooling, of course! It's extra special when your son learns something that he couldn't possibly learn in school at this age. :o)