Friday, April 11, 2008

I feel so much better these days. I have changed my sleeping pattern so I get 7-8 straight hours of sleep each night. I have changed my eating pattern so I can eat more raw and healthy foods. The only thing I was struggling with was getting exercise. Yesterday I made myself find time for a 20 minute walk. Last night the General took my to a local store that sells used and new fitness equipment. I found a used elyptical machine for a reasonable price and we brought it home. We live in a fairly small home so it will be in the way at times, but our health is worth the sacrifice of home beautiful. This morning I began learning to use it. I made it five minutes. Five minutes and I was out of breath and my body felt wobbly. I am going to give it another five minutes this afternoon and work my way into 20 minutes of straight use. I feel so much better because I have actually been getting some of the sewing done that is piling up. The picture is of the aprons I am embroidering for a local church. They have a full time kitchen there and wanted 30 aprons embroidered. I am slowly getting through the pile. I also finished digitizing both the designs I was working on and one will be sewn out this weekend on the finished product. I have also found time to work on my bag. It is almost complete. I need to rip the bottom off and re-work it, but it is nice to see it coming along.

Life seems nice right now. I have been smelling honeysuckle as I work. I love the smell of honeysuckle. Last night while delivering papers I caught the scent of wild onions and newly mowed grass. I love smells. I don't know why. They trigger memories in me. Well, off to sew and then to VMI this afternoon to watch the parade and pick up our son for the weekend.

Sew Long for Now!


Deb said...

Cindi ~ I've missed you and finding out what's going on at your house! :) Glad to know that you're feeling better and getting some sleep. Have a fun time this weekend with your son.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your help is definitely important! I'm beginning to feel better now that I've added some exercise back into my life. I'm feeling better - still old, but better. Ha! :o)

Five minutes is great! You'll see - you'll get to your goal soon enough. :o)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

Yes, your health IS important! I've been feeling much better now that I've added exercise back into my life. I still feel old (Ha!) but better!

5 minutes is great! You'll be at your goal in no time. :o)

God bless,


Linda said...

Missed you at ASG! I missed Feb. and March as I was in DC. Not an exciting meeting, more of a general business one.

I am glad to read about your new attempts to start exercising. You are doing the right thing by starting slow and working up to more minutes as you go along.

I too love the smell of honeysuckle, wild onions and newly mowed grass. It reminds me of the good times in my childhood.

Take care and hope to see you soon.