Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The sun's come out today! It has been rainy for several days and I am so glad to see the sun. Yesterday I got a good amount of sewing done. I repaired a pair of jeans our daughter had ripped riding a bike and I embroidered four shirts. I also did the dreaded task of going to the grocery store. Today I hope to get some more shirts embroidered, some clothes hung out, and what ever else comes up. Captain Chaos is ill. He has had a fever and soar throat for three days. I made him do his lessons the first two, but the General said he could have a rest today and lay around all day.

I thought about writing something concerning my overwhelm when reading mommy blogs around the blogsphere. I can't it's too depressing. I just am not worldly savvy as other moms and I don't think I want to be. I read one mom's post about how after staying home for six years she feels unchallenged. Sigh, 13 years of being a mostly SAHW and I somehow never find time in my day to contemplate those type of deep thoughts. I seem to be always challenged. I am challenged to climb the mountain of laundry everyday. I am challenged to clear the mountain of dirt every day. I am challenged to find something to feed the family everyday, and not make the boring same things day in and day out. I am challenged on stretching our thin finances even further these days with the rocketing prices. Some days I have even more challenges then I want when I have to deal with a sick child. Sorry world that I don't have time to worry about whether has been banned from China or not. I don't know how these women do all their home tasks and have enough time to keep on top of worldly finance, politics, religion, etc. It makes me feel guilty for not being able to.
Sew Long for Now!

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