Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today I hemmed General Gorgeous' pants. I made the mantel for the infant. I didn't get the prom dress finished because I needed some hooks from the store to finish the straps. Tomorrow I am going out and I will get those. I didn't cut out my skirt. I spent a lot of time today on another project.

I cleaned my iron. It had gotten clogged with starch and minerals. It looks clean, but, I don't know if I got all the mineral deposits out and it might stain clothes. I am considering just getting a new one. Also if you notice the edges, the black is where I have wore the teflon surface off. I use my iron so much I am wearing it out! Wonder how many other people have actually used their iron so much they wore the teflon off? Weird. Well, tomorrow I have to go to JoAnn's, the grocery, the bank, and take the children to Awana. I don't know how much sewing I will get done. I am hoping to get my skirt cut out, finish the prom dress and hem a dress.

Sew Long for now.

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