Monday, April 03, 2006

I took yesterday off completely. Not really! I went through my material and patterns and
matched a couple of things I needed to make for just me. I also pulled out a ton of mending, etc. I needed to do for my family. I had finished altering the dress Saturday and mended the pants so I wanted to do some planning for this week. This morning I got started early with Mending Monday. I repaired a skirt and gown of mine that had both come apart at the seam. I hemmed a pair of pants for Captain Kitty. My Momma gave me some clothes she was getting rid of and there was a nice denim skirt among them. It buttoned up the front and I don't like skirts like that. If I sewed up the front it wouldn't have fit me so I instead cut it down for Captain Kitty. The material is nice and I doubt if my Momma hardly ever wore it. It made a nice skirt for her and I cut the buttons off to save for a later project. I worked on a dress for the Infant of Prague. It has taken me 1 1/2 hours and I still have some hand sewing to do for it. It has turned out nicely, but, I will have to charge for the time it is taking. She wants about 10 of these plus the mantels. I will call her and tell her the price before I make any more. She may change her mind. I also had two women come over for me to fit them for alterations for bridesmaid dresses. So it was a busy Monday.

Tomorrow I will hem a pair of pants for General Gorgeous. I will also make the mantel for the Infant. I will put the straps on a prom dress for a girl. If I have time I will cut out a skirt for myself.

Sew Long for Now.

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