Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This is a busy week here. Not necessarily on the sewing front. The children's concert is Friday night. Monday Captain Cool had an extra practice and Thursday they all three have extra practices. Monday night I had stamp club, last night CC had a meeting, and tonight is Awana. There is the usual shopping, classes, house duties, and sewing. I so look forward to summer. I can stay home more and not have to run the children to all their various activities. Captain Cool should have his drivers license by the end of May. I am hoping this will relieve me of a lot of the running I do during the school year, since it is for him. I can have a few years respite until Captain Kitty gets more involved in outside activities.

I did sew some more clothes for the infant. She picked it up Tuesday and was very happy. I sent seven pieces with her. She still wants more, so I will be working on them a little at a time. I received more clothes to alter and did one today.

I saw this bag I really liked on 4.53 a.m.'s blog and I hope to find out if it's a pattern or something she made up herself. I would love to make one similar for myself! If so then I will use the bag I just made for church. I keep a seperate bag loaded for Sunday mornings. I keep a Bible, notebook, pens, mints, hand lotion, and any papers I need to take back. This has really helped me on Sunday mornings getting ready. I don't have to go looking for things, just pick up my "church" bag and out the door I go.

Sew Long for Now.


Dawn said...

Hi Cindi!
Re/the purse....I got the inspiration from Go to February 20th post. She gives the specifics that I used to make mine.
Hope you enjoy making one as much as I have. The possibilities are endless.
Thanks for coming by the blog! Come back soon!

Cindi said...

Thanks so very much Dawn. I cut out some strips last night to see if I could figure it out!