Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Monday afternoon. My in-laws and sister-in-law will be here tomorrow for a visit. My in-laws left Kansas yesterday. My mother-in-law has injured her knee and can't go up and down stairs. Usually when they come to visit they stay in Captain Cool's room, but it is downstairs. They will be staying in Captain Chaos' room. I have been searching for curtains for his room since we moved him a couple of months ago. Crunch time is here. I needed to just find some neutral curtains. I was looking for something with a green/blue/black print that looked male. I went to K-mart this morning and found some neutral curtains, but, could only find one package of the kind I wanted. The package said the set was 81 inches wide. Since his windows are 30 something I figured I could hang one panel on each window. I purchased the curtains and came home. They were too little. Now, these were on clearance so I couldn't return them. A few weeks ago a friend's mother gave me some material to use in my bedroom since we moved it. It wasn't enough. I had already thought of using this material in Captain Chaos' room, there wasn't enough for that either. So I decided to make two tone strip curtains. I cut the panels for the curtains in half and then added a stripe of the material to each side. I think it turned out nice. They sort of look western. They are a tan colored with a paisley print down the outsides.

Window before

With the new curtains

The second window. Hopefully you can see the curtain a little better. They match the wall color great. I just need to find a new comforter for him. Something in the reddish color, green, or tan of the print. His comforter now is blue and it doesn't go.I was going to do some other sewing today, but, I ran out of time. We have to go help at the nursing home tonight.

Sew Long for Now!


SDMC said...

They look great! Hope y'all have a good visit.

Jennelle said...

Pretty, pretty! :-)



P.S. Have a nice time while they're there!