Friday, April 07, 2006

Thursday night I went to our ASG meeting. We had a neat fashion show advertising a felting class in May. Linda I missed you and you would have loved to see the samples! I hope you sign up for the class.

I bought a new iron. The old one kept smelling like something was burning when you turned it on. I was afraid of a short and it possibly catching on fire, so I bought a new one. Actually, I bought two. I gave one to Captain Cool to keep in his room. He does a lot of ironing these days.

I finished a whole outfit for the infant. The lady I am making them for came by today and she was very pleased and excited. I hope to get a couple of more done by the end of April.

I finished the prom dress. I was asked to add straps to a strapless dress. The girl picked out silver trim to use for the straps. I bought a set of bathing suit bra hooks and sewed one on the end of a length of the trim. Then I sewed the trim to the lining of the dress on the front. Next I took a piece of hem tape in a color to match the dress and sewed it next to a seam in the lining at the back. I bar tacked across this hem tape in intervals down it thus making openings for the bathing suit bra hook to slip into. I did two of these this way and put them on both the right and left side. This way the straps are adjustable and she can unhook them to get the dress on and off.

I had to hem the grandmother's dress for the wedding up a bit more and I finished that today. I also began to alter a suit for a lady. It is a beautiful wool suit. It is a light weight wool and perfect for spring. I had to hem the sleeves in the jacket 3 1/8 inches. Since they are lined I had to take them apart and cut and measure both the sleeve and the lining. I put them back together at the right length with hand sewing so the stitching would not be seen. Now I am altering the skirt. She wants it hemmed 10 inches and taken in 2 inches on each side. Since it is lined this will have to be done with both layers. I marked and cut the material today. I will hopefully finish this skirt tomorrow. I am doing both a cream colored and a black suit she has like this.

We had some terrible storms here this evening. We had very bright lightening and it was very close to our home. We all went out on the veranda at the back of the house and watched the lightening. It was actually beautiful to see it against the dark storm clouds.

Captain Kitty and Captain Chaos and I went through their closets today. We pulled out all their winter things and packed them in the attic. We put a few things in the charity pile. The we filled their closets and drawers with spring clothes. They both have ample. We have been blessed in the last year with friends whose children have grown and passed down some wonderful things to us.

Tomorrow is one of the weddings I have did alterations for. They are friends of ours from church and we will be attending. I look forward to seeing how lovely the bride looks.

Sew Long for Now.

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