Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday's coming to a close and I feel the last two days have been very productive. I ask some good friends of mine who are great prayer warriors to pray for me this week. There is so much to do that I have been feeling overwhelmed. I can feel their prayers.

Today I finished the skirt to the cream wool suit for the client. Then we went to a wedding. The bride was so beautiful. She looked like a beautiful doll. They looked so happy and in love. When we got home I watched the sewing shows on PBS. I had been thinking about how ratty my ironing board cover looked. It is hard to find a replacement since it is one of those that mounts to the wall. I remembered some home dec fabric I had bought a couple of years ago on sale. I dug around and pulled it out. I made an ironing board cover. It looked so good I decided to make coordinating curtains. We moved my sewing room into this room a couple of months ago and it had black curtains up where it had been the oldest son's room. I had been meaning to change those, but, had not got around to it. So I made one of the curtains. Then I had to go make supper. I made two home made pizzas tonight. My family must have enjoyed them because there isn't even one piece left. After supper I came back down and finished the second curtain. My oldest son helped me hang them. Notice my new iron!

Sew Long for now.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing pictures of your projects! Keep taking them!

Linda said...

Hi Cindi! I hate that I missed ASG meeting. I have been sick as a dog. I got some kind of stomach virus and was out of work Thursday and Friday. I really feel human today. I got your comments on my blog and contacted Nancy P to sign up for the felting class in May. Thanks for the heads up. Your curtains and ironing board look nice.

I recently purchased a new iron also. My old one when I turned it on, it heated up to the max no matter the setting and I scorched a few things. My smelled also. It is best to replace when they seem to function different than norm. Besides, I am sure with all the sewing you do you use the iron a lot.

Jennelle said...

Wow - I wish I had your sewing talents 'cuz there are some things now that I really would love to sew.

You did a wonderful job with them, ya ought to be proud of yourself. :-)



Ann V. said...

What an iron! And great iron board cover!


Go, Cindi, Go!!!!!!