Sunday, April 23, 2006

This has been a productive weekend sewing wise. I finished my new pocketbook (purse, bag).

This is the front. I quilted the fabric with a varigated sulky thread. The bottom has timtex in it to give it body. I did not give it any outside pockets, but, there are inside pockets. I think if I make another similar to this I will put the straps under the contrasting band.

On the back side I tried to give it some whimsy. This is not the best picture, but the buttons I used as the flowers on the rickrack are ceramic. I have had them almost twenty years. My daughter keeps asking to have them and I had told her no. She got so indignent that I had used them on my bag. 11 yo's.

I also altered 4 shirts, a pair of pants, and a prom dress. On the infant front I now have two mantels and two dresses done plus a set of frills.

This is a front view of the Infant of Prague statue. I was ask to make these clothes by a Catholic lady for two of these statues. I am making several dresses and mantels in colors for the liturgical seasons.

This is from an angle.

Here is a view of the mantel.

Sew Long for Now.


Lisa said...

You are amazing! Everything looks so good. I kept wondering what you meant when you were talking about "the infant" and frills. lol Now I get it.

Kids are so funny. I'm sure she thought she would eventually wear you down and get those buttons. lol

deb said...

I LOVE the purple bag and how you added the flower/buttons. Great looking purse.

Anna said...

I love your bag! Hmmm, you don't by any chance sell these do you?

Cindi said...

Yes Anna I do. If you are interested you can e-mail me at

Cindi said...

Thanks for all the nice comments. I was thinking of a new bag idea today and wondering how many bags a lady needs! LOL!

Mary Ann said...

The purse is really nice. Great job! Thanks for commenting on my blog! :-)

RANDI said...

I love this purse you made--too cute! I am a sew-er and a homeschooler too! I will visit you again soon!

Cindi said...

Randi I read your blog all the time. Thank you for the nice comment.

Linda said...

Nice bag, purse, pocketbook! Love the color. Buttons are a nice touch!