Thursday, April 27, 2006

It is getting late and I am tired so now sewing today. I had a customer come over at 7:50 this a.m. to bring me clothes to alter. I went to church to pick up a dress to alter for a secretary there. Then I went to everyone's favorite dreaded store, Walmart. Hurrying of course because Captain Cool had a class at the community college at 12:30. After fixing lunch I rested a minute than picked up CC and took him straight to his choir rehearsal at CS Baptist Church. His practice started an hour before the others so I drug them to the Goodwill there. I got three great short sleeve button up shirts for him. Captain Kitty got excited because they had Barbies there. That is until she saw the prices. Rapuntzel Barbies at the Goodwill in the box were going for $25. You can still get these at Walmart for around $15. I was a little perplexed by the prices on some things. I dropped them off and per Lisa at Groggy Froggy I went to the Discover Shop, a thrift store run by the American Cancer Society. What a store. I didn't buy anything, but they had a set of Royal Doulton china, 12 piece place setting with serving dishes, for $400. Oh how I would have loved to have that. I could have had a candle light supper just like Hyacinth. It had green leaves on it, my favorite! This is an upscale thrift store, designer clothes, crystal, etc. Lisa, I loved the wedding dress in the front window, the one with the lavendar boudice. I was tempted to buy it and save it for Captain Kitty to use some day when she gets married! Now your wondering what all this has to do with sewing, how about needle arts? On the way back to pick the children up I stopped at my favorite yarn shop, Needle in the Square and picked up two balls of Fixation yarn to make me a pair of socks. This yarn has elastic in it and is so soft. Guess I better finish the pair for Captain Kitty I have on the needles so I can start mine! Tomorrow my parents are coming to see the children's concert and spend the night. I hope to work on the bag I saw at Dawn's blog, she gave me the directions to find out how to make it in the comments of my last entry.

Sew Long for Now!


Lisa said...

Oh I know. That dress is gorgeous! Did you see the red toile (i think) dishes there? I am tempted every day of my life since I saw them. $4 a saucer..they are so pretty. I think I may NEED them. lol

I almost went to Goodwill today at..let's see...would have been around 3:15 but I decided to save the gas and drive straight home. I'm in Garden City.

I was at Needle in the Square yesterday! LOL One of these days we will meet up. Maybe you'll be carrying your purple bag and I'll recognize you. hehe

You stay so busy. I don't know how you do it. I have a couple of sewing projects in mind and I can't seem to get past the "wouldn't it be cool to...." stage.

Lisa said...

btw..I saw the pictures of your house on Mrs. Catherine's yahoo site. So pretty. It's inspiring!

Mother Hen said...

Oh, Cindi---If you have your candlelight supper here we could have some Riparian Entertainment,too!!! Ooh,I love that show!! Well, I must go my whole week is looking as busy as your one day...and the Daddy-man is gone until Thursday. You (and all your projects) are such and inspiration to me...although until the wee bairn sleeps more regularly through the night I'm not starting any projects!!

Mother Hen said...
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Mother Hen said...


It was me deleting the duplicate of my comment...some day I'll learn patience when I hit the send button,...{grin}